Let’s get this party started

Today is 17 DPO – which is the longest I have ever gone before getting my period.  That would seem like good news, however, since I have peed on all the things, I am quite aware that I am not even slightly pregnant.   And to add insult to injury, I have wonderfully painful cramps so it has to be just around the corner.  Also, as fate would have it, I’m supposed to go on a pretty awesome work trip on Friday to the UK, but since I have no idea how this whole IVF schedule works I would assume it would be good to have a few days between now and Friday to get a plan in place.  I have my wonderful (ironic) birth control pills at the ready so at least that is done.  If anyone out there is reading yet that has been through the joy of IVF – is there anything other than day 3 labs and BCP pills that I would need to do in the next 4 days to get this show on the road?


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