The Royal Baby

So I’m here in London this week for work.  And I happen to be staying (literally) next door to the hospital where Kate is in labor right now.  Trying to take that as some sort of royal good luck – or laugh at the insanity of my situation coupled with the hundreds of people lined up outside waiting for news of a baby being born by someone they have never and will never meet.

As for me, I’m still taking my birth control pills every night and trying not to think about what happens next when I get home.  My IVF coordinator is back in the office this week so hopefully I will get my final calendar over email but for now I have a temporary one from one of the other coordinators that was filling in.  It has me starting the Lupron on 7/31 and then having the retrieval on 8/20 and 5 day transfer on 8/25.  Will update more when I get the final schedule in the hopes it will help me keep it all straight.  For anyone that happens to be reading and has been through this shit show (I really should get this blog listed on Stirrup Queens) – is there a good app that you have used to keep track of all the medications and times?  Ha, if not maybe I should create one, I can see it now ‘iVFShedule’ for iPhone.


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