Um, maybe not 6DPO…

So my cycle after the failed IVF has been all over the place.  I’ve also been taking herbs from acupuncture and DHEA so that could be part of it.  But basically I got smiley face positive OPK on CD22 – but the lines didn’t really look like a positive.  But I was really tired of scheduling sex with my husband (there is nothing fun or sexy about ‘timed intercourse’) so I decided to go with it and hope that I had ovulated.  But, because I can’t leave well enough alone I decided to temp to see if I actually had ovulated.  And the temps stayed low.  So now, today which is CD31, I got another positive OPK, and this one actually looks positive when I look at the lines.  Awesome.  So now we get to have scheduled sex again, probably too late to even matter, and then I get to wait another 12-14 days for what I’m sure will be a negative test.  And then I can start the BCP for IVF #2 – with my luck all of this will end up happening right in the middle of the holidays.  Ugh.


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