Finally, actually 1DPO and infertile happy hour

So I think I have now actually ovulated this time around.  And on CD 31 so I think the chances of a in between IVF miracle are fairly slim but I’m sure I will obsess over symptoms and all that anyway because I’m not sure it’s in my nature to not obsess.  

This afternoon I am meeting a fellow infertile for happy hour (I am not limiting my wine or caffeine intake this 2WW, going along with the saying fuck it for a month and trying to live my life as normally as possible).  She was introduced to me through a friend I have through work who thought I might want someone to talk to that had been through this all before.  We met for tea right before my failed IVF #1 and it was so awesome to talk to someone who had been through this all before and been successful.  She went through 6 years, multiple problems and was finally has twin boys out of IVF.  During the egg retrieval and aftermath she texted me every day to check in and see how I was doing and provide support.  And I wouldn’t have her in my life if I hadn’t decided to be as open about this process with my family and friends (which took awhile before I felt comfortable, but I am so glad I did) – and their ability to support me, send happy thoughts and connect me with others.

And thats how I feel about this online community.  I was scared of starting to write this blog, and putting my random thoughts and comments out there but I am so amazed at how this group bands together.  One of the amazing, amazing things I have seen lately is the story of a blogger I have been following for a while but never delurked to comment – Stupid Stork (  She is on her second IVF and had terrible news after egg retrieval about fertilization (basically she got zero fertilized to start).  She had reached out on her blog to the community asking for positive thoughts, support and petitioning the universe for a miracle.  The outpouring of love and strength from everyone out there is just amazing to see and a true example of the good that is out there when people in shitty situations band together to create awesomeness.  

So even though I fucking hate infertility and all the terrible crap it brings along with it, I am so grateful to have found both real life support and my own teeny, tiny corner of this community to share in both the tragedies and miracles – we are stronger together than we are alone.


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