30 Day Infertility Blog Challenge – Day 3


So I realize it’s not really day 3.  I also kind of have no clue what the actual day is right now.  Got on the flight to London and did my normal ritual – eat a little dinner, have a drink, pop the amb.ian.  Unfortunately the amb.ian didn’t work to well this time as I woke up about 2 hours in with hot flashes and a stomach ache.  The next 4 hours were spent alternating between freezing and hot and somewhere in between awake and asleep.  Not so great.  I blame the birth control pills.

So got to London, did a quick run to try and counteract the jet lag (spoiler, did not work), went shopping with some colleagues and had an early dinner.  Went to bed exhausted around 10 pm and then woke up again at 1:30 am and didn’t go back to sleep until 5, and had to get up at 7.  So I am barely making it today.  

With that – onto question #3.

3. When talking to your fertile parenting friends, what is/was your favorite “perk” of childlessness to rub in their face? Sleeping in? Vacations? Hot pre-pregnancy body? Come on, confess!

In the beginning it was all of that, sleeping in, staying out with no responsibilities or schedule other than the dog and having disposable income to spend on vacations and shoes, drinking and eating whatever I want.  But has time has gone by and we have had failure after failure I don’t have much left to hold onto.  I actually want to not have free time, or be able to drink wine and eat sushi.  Right now I am just so ready to give up these things and be pregnant.  Here’s hoping that IVF #2 will get us closer to that goal.


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