30 Day Infertility Blog Challenge – ‘Day’ 4

Now that I am back in town I promise to do these more often.  So without further ado, here is #4:

4. Besides Mothers Day, what is the hardest holiday for you as an infertile?

Christmas – it’s both me and my husband’s favorite holiday and time of year.  All the lights, the celebrations, the traditions, the food and drinks, it’s just such a fun and short time from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  It’s also so much fun to watch a child experience Christmas.  I have a 2 year old nephew and seeing him get so excited (even though he doesn’t totally understand it yet) and see the rest of the family totally focus on making it special for him.  Last Christmas I thought for sure we were pregnant.  We had been trying naturally with the charting, the OPKs, the monitor, all that crap, for many months.  And I felt all of the symptoms and felt for sure it had worked, finally.  I even imagined being able to tell the family (me not drinking would mean that they would figure it out) and have a super special last Christmas with just us.  I got my period in the airport bathroom on the way to my Mom’s house for the holiday.  And then proceeded to have a bit of a meltdown on the plane (a bit of one might be an understatement if you ask my husband).  This Christmas will be right after we see if this IVF has worked or not.  Best case, if it works I will choose not to travel and stay here in Seattle for the holidays.  Worst case we’re back at my Mom’s house with me drinking heavily and crying.  Fingers crossed for the former…


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