So much to update: Back from my trip and suppression check for IVF #2!

Ok, this post is going to be a long one so buckle in, place your seat backs and trays in an upright position and off we go!

I also have to catch up on my entry for my daily (ha) blog challenge – will do that in a separate post so this is not so incredibly long.

1.  Back from the trip to London and Paris

The trip was amazing, also super exhausting, I had meetings every day for 6-8 hours a day (and never quite recovered from the jet lag), but I did get a bit of time to see both London and Paris.  

Here are a few pictures of Paris:


Eiffel Tower at night, so gorgeous!  This was after a fabulous meal and lots of wine with our team out in the Paris office, truly an amazing evening.



Montmarte Cemetary – right next to the office, took this picture on my walk from the hotel to work for the day.

I flew home Friday – it took a little over 10 hours to fly home from London to Seattle, and my husband was out of town so I had to go pick up our dog from doggy daycare – after all that and bad traffic it was about 13 hours before I got back to my house.  Was super excited to have my puppy dog – did a very early dinner and then went to bed and slept for 10 hours (yay).  

Which leads me to update #2.

2.  Suppression check for IVF #2.

Oh my old friend – good to see you again dildocam!


It was kind of strange to be back at my clinic, I felt like I had been gone for so long.  My doc came in and was super warm and nice – after my breakdown after IVF #1 I think they are treating me a bit delicately, but at least I feel like they really care about me.  She kept talking about how she is really hoping for a better result this time.  So getting down business, she got in there with my dildocam to take a look.

And you guys, holy shitballs – I have 11 follicles on my right, and 5 on my left!  Last time I only had 8 total at the suppression check – 4 left and 4 right.  She was pretty pleasantly shocked at the increase from the last time and said that it is a good sign.  It scares me to be at all optimistic about this, but I’m really hoping this means good things.  Please, please just let us get to the freaking stage where we have something to transfer…

The nurse said that she would put me at the top of the list for the estrogen numbers and would call me as soon as they came in so that if they were good I could start the shots right away.  She called about an hour later and told me that the estrogen was sufficiently suppressed and that we were good to go.

Here’s the summary of my protocol:

225 U Follitism in the AM – doing this at 7:30 am

225 U Follitism and 20 U HCG in the PM – doing this at 7:30 pm

I was on the Follitism last time, but the daily HCG is new.  It seems pretty easy – small insulin needle and nothing to mix or anything like that.  It does have to be refrigerated though, so going in it is kind of cold (just like the Follitism).

So far it seems to be going ok – it’s funny how giving myself shots now doesn’t phase me at all, and how doing IVF becomes the ‘new normal’.  My next check is on Wednesday and the schedule has us tentatively doing the retrieval around November 28th – happy thanksgiving to me.  Woke up this morning and got my period (I think it was delayed a bit with me taking the evil BCPs on UK time) – so now have super bad cramps but am happy to get that lining all out and out the way.

Come on ovaries – you can fucking do this!



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