30 Day Blog Challenge #6 and IVF Update

Will have two posts today – an update and the blog challenge and then another post later in the day (deserves its own separate post) for the fabulous and wonderful Stork Award that I have been nominated for by the lovely Meg at Work is for Suckers.

First of all, here’s an update on how it’s going on day 6 of stims.  Basically this time is so different from last time in so many ways.  One, it is kicking my ass.  I have no clue if it’s the hcg added into the follitism or just the huge dose of follitism, but I feel like crap already.  I am getting headaches, am super bloated and basically crash into bed at 7:30 or 8 (I’m guessing that part at least is the hcg since the trigger shots have always made me exhausted).  

Two, I have 17 follicles that are growing!!  This is such a surprise to my doctor she asked me what it was that I did during our break.  She said and I quote “did you somehow get new ovaries?”  To which I replied that I wished that was the case, and there are a lot more women out there that would love to get a replacement set, ha.  She went on to explain that at this point we needed to talk about OHSS, which wasn’t an issue last time since my response was so crappy.  She suggests (and I agree) that we continue on the high dosage of Follitism and monitor closely.  She would rather get as many quality eggs as possible, even if that means we have to wait and do an FET instead of a fresh transfer due to OHSS risk.  I am with that all the way – since we had zero embryos last time if we can get some healthy ones I can wait a month for the transfer.  I won’t love it, but the outcome is definitely what is important here.  Next monitoring appointment is Friday, I am keeping everything crossed that we continue to see good growth and numbers.  Come on ovaries, you can do it, you owe this to me after your craptacular performance in round 1!

For those of you playing along at home (and because when I was starting IVF I wanted to compare my crappy numbers and loved when other bloggers posted their detailed lab and ultrasound results) – here are the exact measurements from day 5:

Estradiol: 125

 Left Ovary
  1 2 Mean  
L1 7.83 6.12 6.98 mm 
L2 8.15 7.77 7.96 mm 
L3 6.27 3.79 5.03 mm 
L4 8.42 6.12 7.27 mm 
L5 6.61 4.48 5.54 mm 
  1 2 Mean  
L6 5.58 4.31 4.94 mm 
L7 6.73 5.76 6.24 mm 
L8       mm 
L9       mm 
L10       mm 
 < 10mm        
 Left Ovary (Length mm)        
 Left Ovary Volume (cc)        
 Left Ovary Height (mm)        
 Left Ovary Width (mm)        


Right Ovary
  1 2 Mean  
R1 7.56 7.60 7.58 mm 
R2 5.70 5.53 5.62 mm 
R3 5.00 4.23 4.62 mm 
R4 6.15 5.03 5.59 mm 
R5 6.06 5.28 5.67 mm 
  1 2 Mean  
R6 5.65 7.57 6.61 mm 
R7 5.43 5.19 5.31 mm 
R8 6.25 5.04 5.64 mm 
R9 6.13 4.68 5.4 mm 
R10 5.00 4.23 4.62 mm 

And here is challenge question # 6:

6. Discuss how you found your way into the ALI community, and what being part of it has meant to you – good and bad.

Way back in the beginning when we didn’t just get pregnant right away, I started googling TTC blogs.  I am pretty ‘type A’ and wanted to see what others experiences were, warning signs and symptoms that looked like mine, etc.  So I found a number of blogs that I started following and really investing in the stories, cheering for successes and hurting for the losses.  But I didn’t comment much, I mostly followed along.  At that point I just figured we would have a few hits of clomid and never have to progress to anything as serious as IUIs or IVF (ha, hilarious).  I feel bad about it now but I was very naive in thinking ‘that will never be me’ and that the easier treatments would just somehow fix me.  Well, that obviously didn’t happen.  As we got further and further into this process, I got further and further invested into, and needing the community.  So I started my own blog at the beginning of IVF #1.  But I was embarrassed, not being a writer or story teller, and uncomfortable with putting it all out there, so I didn’t write much.  But I still followed along with all the bloggers and their stories.  IVF #1 failed terribly around the same time that Stupid Stork had her retrieval that didn’t start out very promising.  I had been lurking/reading her blog for quite a while so had seen her story through her loss after IVF #1 and was really cheering for her for #2.  And I watched this wonderful, amazing, strong community band together and send prayers, happy thoughts, virtual voodoo dances and sacrifices and help her get through it – with a miracle of her embryos making it to freeze.  And it was just so awesome to watch I decided that I wanted to share my story, even though I can’t do it in such an eloquent way, maybe it will help someone else in the same situation down the line.  And it has helped me a ton to feel a part of this kickass group of women going through the same experience.  


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