Fuck you UPS

I am very angry right now.  A lot of it could be the hormones, but most of it is anger at laziness at incompetence.  Here is the story.  My clinic likes to try and time the follitism orders to be pretty exact to the dose that I will need – since the medication costs more than gold (literally it does, my nurse looked it up recently).  So on Friday I was getting low so I talked to my nurse in the morning and asked her to call in a new prescription since I would run out by Sunday (aka tomorrow).  She did, and the pharmacy called me right away and got it shipped out Friday afternoon.  They sent me the tracking number and I clicked to make sure it was due to arrive today but then didn’t think much of it.  This is because UPS has delivered at least 20, maybe more packages to this house as I love me some Amazon Prime – they have also delivered multiple deliveries of medication, each time without a signature needed, they just leave it on the porch.  So I look up at around 5 and ask my husband if he noticed the delivery outside when he was out raking leaves earlier, he didn’t.  So I check, and it is not there.  So then I look up the tracking on the UPS site – which says that my package has been rescheduled because of an incorrect address.  And then I am fucking pissed, so I call UPS.  I explain to them that I have to have this medication tomorrow, and that it is insanely expensive and that it has to be refrigerated and that the address is 100% correct and that we have had multiple UPS deliveries here.  The guy puts me on hold to call his hub stations to see if they can find a way to get it out to me (I am on hold for less than 2 minutes so I doubt he even tried).  And basically everyone has gone home so no one can help me – he explains that someone will call me on Monday.   So now I will be out of follitism after my morning dose.  My clinic should have an emergency supply for me to use Sunday night, but I will seriously fight UPS to the end for my $661 if that follitism is delivered on Monday and it is no longer cold.  Just un-needed and un-necessary bullshit and lack of customer service to add to all the other stress and hormonal rage I have going on right now.  I am going to call it a night and go to bed now, tomorrow I have my next monitoring appointment so hopefully that will go well and I will be in a better mood.  


6 thoughts on “Fuck you UPS

  1. Holy crap! I don’t blame you for being pissed! I would be insane if this happened to me! Hormones or not, that is crazy BS! Follistim really is more precious than gold! It’s so expensive! I’m so glad my clinic orders everything to the clinic and I pick up my meds there so I don’t have to worry about the ridiculous postal service! Hang in there hon. Glad the clinic has an emergency dose, and the temp should be ok. My Clinic told me it doesn’t have to refrigerated, but just can’t get over 77 degrees F. I keep mine refrigerated just in case because I live in Southern California, but I’m sure it will be ok since it’s mid Nov. hopefully the holding warehouse isn’t too warm. I still think they should have to pay though. There has to be some accountability for shipping meds late. That’s seriously wrong!

    • Thanks for alleviating my concern on the refrigeration – was seriously going to lose my shit even more if they ruined the 600 units of follitism. Clinic said the same thing, that this time of year it should be just fine. My chat with UPS on Monday morning should be lots of fun though, no way are they getting off the hook for this huge screw up.

      • Losing your shit would totally be justified! Glad I alleviated your concerns a bit. Good luck with the chat with UPS. They definitely should not be let off the hook!

  2. How did it go this morning? Was the clinic able to get you what you need for today?? So frustrating!! I think the temps of the drugs will be fine but keeping my fingers crossed anyway. Dude I know this kind of red rage that makes you want to rip faces off. Ugh! Thinking of you!

    • Rip faces off, indeed. I realize that shit happens, but this was just incompetence and then absolutely no way to try and help the situation. Clinic got me a dose for tonight and tomorrow, so all good on that front, and they confirmed that the temp will be fine, so that is a sigh of relief. Thanks for checking in and thinking of me!

  3. Uggghhhh. UPS can occasionally be the fucking worst. I’ve had issues with them in the past (involving the shipment of a desktop computer, which is so not the same as seriously important medication). I’m glad your clinic has some emergency meds you can take tonight, and UPS better get their shit together tomorrow. In the mean time, deep breathes, remember that your eggies are doing great so far, and soon this will be over.

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