Socks!! And day 9 of Stims


First of all, thanks so much to the wonderful Megs from Work is for Suckers for the socks and lovely card!  These bad boys are being saved for my retrieval, I’m thinking they will be my good luck charm this go round.  Will make sure to capture a pre-op socks picture next week as well of the amazing socks in all their glory.

Had my day 9 monitoring appointment this morning.  The fiasco of asshole UPS was mitigated by my clinic giving me an emergency dose for tonight, so that was taken care of (although I am still mad).  The appointment overall went well, at least according to the doctor, he seems pleased with the progress, although I noticed that my follicles hadn’t grown much since day 7.  He thought that my retrieval would be later than my normal doctor (she is gone for Thanksgiving week), either Friday or even the day after.  He also had me start the ganirelix today, which my doctor didn’t think I would start for another day or so.  I assume this is all normal (the doctor I saw is the other partner at the practice) but I am getting scared.  Maybe it is a bit of PTSD from the disaster of having zero good eggs the last time, but I don’t know, I just feel uneasy, like something is going badly in there and we’re going to fail again.  I wish I could just wake up, have the retrieval done and at least have a few good embryos ready for transfer.  And on that note, my estradiol is up to 1071, which if it goes above 3000 we will need to freeze (please, please let us have something to freeze) and do FET.  Which is cool with me, but it’s just another thing I am nervous about…

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow will be a more optimistic day, and in the meantime here are the details of the monitoring for those playing at home (and for anyone that has had similar numbers on day nine and has gone on to have 20 amazing embryos, child born healthy and happy, etc, etc – would love those stories :))

Estradiol – 1071

 Left Ovary
  1 2 Mean  
L1 10.75 8.07 9.41 mm 
L2 10.18 9.23 9.7 mm 
L3 10.71 10.90 10.8 mm 
L4 12.63 5.88 9.26 mm 
L5 13.42 5.79 9.6 mm 
  1 2 Mean  
L6 10.09 8.55 9.32 mm 
L7 11.14 7.46 9.3 mm 
L8       mm 
L9       mm 
L10       mm 
 < 10mm        
 Left Ovary (Length mm)        
 Left Ovary Volume (cc)        
 Left Ovary Height (mm)        
 Left Ovary Width (mm)        


Right Ovary
  1 2 Mean  
R1 10.49 9.19 9.84 mm 
R2 11.43 10.17 10.8 mm 
R3 7.61 6.89 7.25 mm 
R4 9.66 8.01 8.84 mm 
R5 7.49 7.77 7.63 mm 
  1 2 Mean  
R6 13.13 11.46 12.3 mm 
R7 9.41 7.04 8.22 mm 
R8 10.53 8.57 9.55 mm 
R9 13.37 9.78 11.58 mm 
R10       mm 




One thought on “Socks!! And day 9 of Stims

  1. Yay, so glad you got the socks! I hope they bring you good luck. My knowledge of IVF is really limited to what I read on the blogs, so I can’t speak to a lot of that stuff. But I can say that after what happened to you last time, it’s perfectly understandable that you would start to feel scared and a little PTSD. Try to remember that you have a lot more follies this time, and they are still growing.

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