This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my follicles finally getting their shit together

That’s right, finally had the happy doctor’s appointment this morning where my follicles are finally big enough to get this show on the road.  Trigger is scheduled for 9 pm PST on the dot tonight!  They are also having me add my remaining 200 units of follitism, apparently some studies have shown that it helps with final egg maturity and quality (yes, please, let’s do that).  Retrieval is scheduled for 8 am on Saturday morning.

The doctor said that everything looks great and that they are expecting to get more eggs than last time, although we talked about quality not quantity – all I want for Christmas are good eggs that can make it to a 3 or 5 day growth stage for transfer or FET.  Since it’s already day 13 they still think we can do a fresh transfer if we get anything to transfer, but that the next few days will show us what the plan is.  I’m honestly not worried at all about the transfer being pushed, I just want to get something to transfer!  

As this is Thanksgiving I am also thankful for many other things in addition to the trigger.  My family, my friends, my husband, my dog, this wonderful infertility community, my job… really I could go on, I do have a lot of wonderful things in my life, but I need to get back to cooking so we can have a lovely Thanksgiving meal before that trigger!  Happy Thanksgiving to all of the rest of you reading out there – and good luck to the other ladies that are planning to trigger tomorrow or over the weekend – Thanksgiving follicles are the best!



11 thoughts on “This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my follicles finally getting their shit together

  1. Yay! So happy you’re ready to go! I’m just a couple days behind you! Here’s to lots of healthy eggs and healthy embryos! Happy Thanksgiving ❤️

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you too! And yes to lots of healthy eggs and healthy embryos for us all! Will be stalking your blog to see when you’re ready to trigger and keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    • Thanks lady – if this works every Thanksgiving from here on out will be Thankstriggergiving :). You aren’t too far behind me right? Sending good thoughts for you to get through stims and into triggerland.

  2. Hooray for ovaries getting it together! So happy the follies are doing what they’re supposed to. Sending you lots of positive vibes that you get good quality follicles tomorrow.

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