The Final Four

Finally got the call from the clinic – apparently they had a crazy day, but by the time I talked to them I was about to hyperventilate from stress.  Out of the 20 eggs, 16 were mature, but only 4 fertilized with ICSI.  Apparently the 4 aren’t great quality, confirming our assumption from IVF #1 that my eggs are indeed, crappy. So they want to get them in me as soon as possible – the current plan is to transfer 2 (although between now and Tuesday we could have even less than 4 to work with) on Tuesday at 11 am PST.  I am trying to be positive, but am scared shitless of all the things that can go wrong between now and then.  

I texted my two best friends the latest on the status, and one of them reminded me of a very important thing to hold onto here.  We have a running joke in my family about my dad’s side of family.  My dad was the most stubborn, hard working, determined individual you could ever meet.  He brought himself up from nothing, was the only person in his family to attend college and was a supportive, amazing father.  He survived a plant accident that took one of his fingers, a brain tumor, a heart attack and two strokes before the last stroke finally took him down.  His mother is still alive and she has survived lung cancer, multiple strokes and breast cancer.  So the running joke is that we are VERY hard to take down and too damn stubborn to die.  I’m hoping that those 4 little embryos have a lot of John L (what we called my dad) in them and that they are going to fight their little cells off to survive at least until Tuesday.   Come on final four!!


11 thoughts on “The Final Four

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you hon! Just wanted to tell you a good friend of mine got lots of eggs last year when they did IVF, but only 4 fertilized with ICSI too. All four made it to day 3 so they transferred 2 and froze 2. They now have a beautiful and perfectly healthy baby girl. It only takes one hon. Sending you lots of prayers for your little survivors ❤️

    • Thanks, hearing stories with happy endings is definitely needed today. I would love, love to end up like your friend and have a beautiful baby girl, or boy. Will be thinking happy egg thoughts for you tomorrow morning and your retrieval 🙂

  2. I know you’re disappointed with the numbers. But I love the story about your dad and not only was your dad a fighter, you’re a fighter too. Look at all you’ve been through to get to this point. Sending lots of positive vibes that these 4 little guys will grow grow grow and that your happy ending (or beginning, really) is coming very soon.

    • Thanks Megs. I am trying not to be disappointed, it is just so fucking scary to hear that the quality is not great, leads me to believe that we won’t get there. But we are all fighters, and these 4 little guys will be fighters along with the rest of us, just need to get through tomorrow and get to Tuesday… One day at a time with all this stuff…

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