2 hours to transfer (hopefully)

Trying to pass the time cranking out some work so I can do a very relaxed bed rest this afternoon.  Am terrified that we will get there and none of the 4 will have grown and be able to be transferred.  Not sure why I am so scared but I just can’t see this working out with my egg quality.  Hopefully I am being crazy and hormonal and everything is OK – need to get my positive game face on to get through this as there is nothing I can do at this point anyway.  Going to put on my happy transfer socks and take deep breaths until I can take my valium at 10 am (yay for valium).  Not sure when I will be able to post again, don’t want to sit up much today if I can help it but will see if I can update from my phone.  Transfer is scheduled for 11 am – would appreciate any and all good thoughts, prayers, juju and positive energy to the universe for this to give us at least a shot at a healthy pregnancy!  Come on final four!


5 thoughts on “2 hours to transfer (hopefully)

  1. Sending you ALL the good vibes today. All of them. I know it’s tough to have hope and believe, so I will have hope and believe for you. Lots of women with egg quality issues go on to have beautiful children, there’s no reason that can’t be you. Hugs.

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