Transfer complete – two badass embryos up in here



Trying to post from my phone while lying in bed so we’ll see if this works. Got to the clinic and they took us back to the transfer room right away. Was pretty high on Val.ium by that time so was feeling goofy and relaxed (love that stuff). The embryologist came in and surprised us with the news that we had two 8 cell great looking embryos that were the transfer ones (picture above) and the other two were 4 cell but have a chance to keep going to freeze on Friday. Doctor came in a bit later (my bladder at that point was not feeling so great) and got prepped for the transfer. By the time we had them put in one of them had already grown to a ten cell! Got to watch as the little guys were dropped off in my uterus which was amazing to see. Had to wait another 15 before I could get up and finally pee – wasn’t sure I was going to make it. So now am home and lying in bed watching the fabulous Scandal.

Come on little guys – burrow in and stay for 9 more months! In the meantime I need to come up with a name for these two embies – any ideas?


12 thoughts on “Transfer complete – two badass embryos up in here

  1. One of those embryos is clearly going to be a badass like Olivia Pope, so I think one of them should be called Olivia Pope. Maybe the other one is Huck, another badass. That is so, so cool that one of them went to ten cell while you were sitting there! Grow, embies, grow! And now you are PUPO – this is exciting stuff!

    • Thanks, I have Risa from Who Shot Down My Stork to thanks for her lovely sock exchange and Megs from Work is for Suckers for the actual socks. So far they have been super lucky!

  2. YES!! This made my day (see how I made this about me? Real nice. sheesh)!! Quad Squad produced a dynamic duo. Too many things crossed for you to even begin listing… Big yay hugs to you. Celebrate the milestones.

    • Haa, I am so glad it made your day! It makes me so happy to have you rooting for us and our dynamic duo. And thanks for all the crossing – I know it is sending happy positive luck vibes our way!

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