Bullet Points… Too tired for cohesive thoughts

  • Today is 3dp3dt and I am freaking exhausted and feeling like crap.  I am assuming that it’s the progesterone shots in my ass and the estrogen patches stuck to my bloated stomach since it’s too early for any real symptoms.  But basically I am hugely bloated (I did not realize it was possible to be this bloated, ever), nauseous at times, and I want to go to bed at about 6 pm.  A little part of me wonders hopes if it could be more than the progesterone supplements, would love for that to be true.  Anyone else have such a drastic reaction to PIO or symptoms this early?
  • My ass hurts.  We have been following Risa’s wonderful steps for PIO injections, but I don’t think I walked around enough after the last one in my left side and now every time I sit down it feels like someone has punched me repeatedly.  Awesome, but totally worth it if this works.
  • Work.  I love my job, but I had to take quite a bit of time off for this whole IVF thing – and now that I am really back at work the last couple of days have been pretty intense in catching up.
  • The remaining 2 embryos our of our final four/quad squad didn’t make it – so we don’t have anything to freeze.  Amazingly I didn’t freak out when my nurse called to tell me (she sounded like she thought I was going to have a breakdown).  Since they were only 4 cells on day three I wasn’t really expecting much out of them (hoping, but not getting my hopes up).  Right now I am focused on the two that are inside me and not going to worry about what happens next until I have to – which is totally unlike me, no idea where this zen like acceptance is coming from.
  • I am optimistic about the two that are hopefully multiplying and grabbing ahold of a spot or two in my uterus.  I repeat a mantra every few hours telling them to grow and hold on, those little future troublemakers had better be listening and doing as they are told!

Will catch up with more tomorrow and the riveting details of how I am feeling as we move into 4dp3dt.  Also thinking of bringing back my infertility challenge questions as a way to pass the time (ha, who am I kidding) during the agonizing 8 days left of waiting.


9 thoughts on “Bullet Points… Too tired for cohesive thoughts

  1. Praying your two little trouble makers are doing what they’re told too! Everything that can be crossed is crossed for you hon.

      • Thanks hon. I won’t know anything until the testing is complete and my doctor gets the results. He said he should know by Monday or Tues. I’m so anxious to find out!

  2. I just came across your blog and was reading about your experience with your first IVF. So glad that the outcome of this one is better than the last one. I myself have had done 3 and haven’t found success yet. We had one day 6 blastocyst frozen (it was a 4-cell on day 3, morula on day 5, and became a blastocyst on day 6) in our first cycle, nothing left for our second cycle, and had to convert our last one into an IUI because of one follicle only. I totally understand the ups and downs of IVF cycles. I am hoping that these little 8-cell embryos are nicely tucked in and you’ll get your very good news in a few days!

    • Thanks, been following your blog for a while as well, so happy to have you over here on mine! It is so hard, isn’t it? Through this process I’ve learned to not even worry about the outcome of actually getting pregnant as much as I have worried about just getting to the next stage of each part of the cycle so that there is even the remote possibility. It is such a gut punching and exhausting roller coaster ride – hope that both of us (someday soon) will get to at least experience the highs of the ride with a successful pregnancy instead of just the fear through each cycle.

      • I’m so embarrassed that I just realized that you have been following me. I am also happy that I am over here finally! I concur that I would love for the both of us to experience the highs of the ride. I hope that yours is coming up very soon… like in a couple of days!

      • Oh my gosh, no need to be embarrassed! It’s so hard to figure out who everyone is since our names don’t necessarily match our blog names (and I still can’t even figure out how to update my comment icon).

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