4dp3dt and back to the infertility blog challenge

Today is another day into the wait – and it is a little after 8 and I’m about to go to bed.  I have zero energy right now, I’m assuming it is the progesterone and estrogen patches but maybe, just maybe, there is something more going on in here.  I’m also testing out the trigger and it was almost completely gone today so looking forward to peeing on all the things from here on out.  I can’t go into a beta cold without some idea of which way it is going to go (did that with my first IUI and decided that the pee sticks at least give me some fake feeling of control).

Since I’m in full wait mode I figured I would return to the 30 day (ha) blog challenge I started a while back.

Here is question 10:

“Other than the song “I Would Die For That,” post a video of a song that has special meaning to you and your infertility journey. Explain it, if you’re comfortable doing so.”

I have a few songs that make me think of this journey, I am not a huge music person so I will preface this with that, but these are some that have been with me at times through this process.  Also, would love to link to the Youtube videos but couldn’t figure it out and am too damn tired to look up how to.

1.  The Shade of Poison Trees – by Dashboard Confessional


This one is a bit of what I would go back and tell my younger self about what would come later.

2.  Take it All – Adele


This is how I felt after IVF #1 was such a failure, that I had literally given and done everything I possibly could and just felt like everything was crashing down around me.

3.  I Will Wait – Mumford and Sons


This one covers how I feel most of the time.  That my time (and all of our times) are coming. And while we have had to struggle, resulting in a wait much longer than others, and roads that may be different in how we build our family, it will be worth the wait, and even more valued because of it.




One thought on “4dp3dt and back to the infertility blog challenge

  1. I was always a psycho charter, so if my temperature didn’t start dropping, I always took an HPT before a beta. I hated the idea of having no idea if a beta would be positive or not. A control issue, I’m sure, but it did make me feel a little more in control. Everything crossed for you.

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