10dp3dt and no second line in sight

So it’s 10dpd3t (basically 13 dpo).  I tested this morning and it was stark white again.  According to this tomorrow is the day that there should be enough hcg in my system to actually show a positive, but I’ve read enough and been through this journey with enough of you lovely ladies out there to know that zero hint of a line at 13 days is not a positive sign.  Beta is Sunday morning at 9 am PST so will continue peeing on things and holding out a sliver of hope until then.  

Not much else to say, work is insane this week so I am totally behind on my very important blog reading and commenting.  Hopefully this weekend I can catch up.  I mentor a 13 (almost 14) year old girl, and we are taking her to the Nutcracker and for lunch on Saturday.  It should be fun but I just realized that there will also be adorable children everywhere and I won’t even be able to have a glass of wine yet (holding out the hope) to take the edge off.  Not sure what the hell I was thinking in scheduling this activity for this weekend – maybe it was the optimism that this would work coursing through me when I booked the tickets.  Sunday we are doing the beta and then dinner at our favorite restaurant for my husband’s birthday.  It will be either a very happy and booze free dinner for me or multiple bottles of wine and taking the morning off from work on Monday.

Will update tomorrow if there is some miracle and there are two lines, or after the beta with the final outcome on Sunday.  Thanks again to all of you out there supporting me – this situation would be so much more scary and alone without all of you.  For those of you in the various portions of all of the different waiting periods throughout this crappy process, I am thinking of you all and sending love.


8 thoughts on “10dp3dt and no second line in sight

  1. Praying so hard you saw that second line today hon and for a high beta tomorrow! Also sending you strength for the Nutcracker this afternoon. Big hug!

      • Oh hon! I am so sorry 😦 I have been thinking about you all day. Sending you a big hug. I wish I could be there to just sit with you and have a glass of wine with you and curse the world. This is beyond unfair!

      • I wish you could be here too to drink that big glass of wine and curse the world and infertility. Airlines should do some sort of ‘infertility can suck it’ promotion so that all of us can get together in person and do a big glorious meet-up.

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