So this is Christmas

I’m just not feeling it this year.  I am trying for the sake of my family, but I don’t think it’s working very well.  I thought it would be OK to come out here to Denver (and now we really have to be here for the CCRM visit) but after a few days I just want to be home.  In our house, with our dog, in our city.  A lot of our visit here is spent with my sister, her douchebag husband, and their adorable 2.5 year old.  When I spend time with just my nephew I am pretty good, he is so much fun to play with and be around that it takes my mind off everything.  But my sister and her husband talk non-stop about how much fun it is to have a kid, all the stuff they do as a family, his preschool, etc, etc…  I don’t expect them to not talk about what’s going on in their lives, but godamn, you could try to be a little bit sensitive.

We had Christmas with my sister’s family at their house this morning, and I survived that with the help of booze.  Part 2 is this afternoon at my mom’s house.  I just need to keep repeating to myself that I just need to pretend smile and survive this, with enough wine hopefully that will be possible.

I don’t have much time out here to get on the computer and read everyone else’s posts, but I’ve seen some glimpses at wonderful news for some, and shitty let downs for others.  For everyone out there in this wonderful community – much love and holiday wishes to all of you, for those of us in the dumps we can survive this with lots and lots of booze, and for those that are having a Merry Christmas after past craptacular holidays, I am so happy that you are happy.  Merry Christmas!  


7 thoughts on “So this is Christmas

  1. The niece/nephew thing is so weird…I love spending time with them and I don’t feel crappy around them but it’s their parents and grandparents constantly jabbering about them that gets to me. Shut your face about how hard/tiring/fun/rewarding/whatever it is to be a parent or go away and let me get back to fighting with my niece about who gets to be Ariel and who has to be Ursula!! Xoxo, hang in there!

  2. I hope you survived the dinner at your Mom’s. I know what you mean about lots of booze helping! I had far too much wine yesterday, and woke up with a splitting headache this morning, but it was worth it because I actually enjoyed myself. Now we can put 2013 behind us (thank God!) and fingers crossed for great things to come in the New Year!

  3. Sounds similarly craptastic to Christmas with my sister and family. We are just ready to be home with our dog. Loads of margaritas helped get me through. CCRM better have something helpful for you.

    • Just read your post – all of it rings true to what I am going through right now. Just want to be home in Seattle – CCRM had damn well better be worth it for all this pain and drama.

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