Fun with ovulation pee sticks and exciting timed intercourse

Work is kicking my ass post holidays.  And now I think I am getting a cold, so that is not helping, so I apologize if this post is all over the place.

According to my OPKs today is 2 DPO, the smiley face came up on CD19 – but it wasn’t the strongest positive I have ever seen as far as the double lines go.  Last time after IVF #1 I had a positive OPK but didn’t actually ovulate until I got another, much stronger positive about 10 days later, so we’ll see.  We went ahead and did the always sexy and exciting timed intercourse anyway, figured it’s worth a shot but I’m not getting my hopes up (although it would be so fucking amazing to actually get pregnant without spending 25k).  I am going to be annoyed if this is actually a trick of my body and I didn’t ovulate so we have to do everything again and enter the TWW again, but oh well.  Looks like regardless of when I ovulate we will not go to Colorado for the CD3 testing and one-day workup until the next CD3 – sometime in late February.  I am a little freaked out that we won’t even get started on our cycle until late February, and then it will be the workup and at least 4 weeks of testosterone and estrogen priming before we even start stims so we are looking at April/May to even do the retrieval and then who knows when the FET (please, please let us get something to freeze) would be.  But oh well, trying to use this time to actually be myself again and have a real life that does not revolve around infertility treatments.  

In other news I am back to the gym and trying to eat as healthy as possible in preparation for going to the Bahamas in 24 days.  So far I seem to be down a pound from the IVF hormonal roller coaster (or it was just water weight).  This trip is actually with all of my husband’s colleagues that also made their sales objective (and I work at the same place with them as well in a leadership position) so I am more freaked out about being in a bathing suit than I ever normally would be.  Regardless of getting in shape I’m hoping I can just wear a coverup as much as possible unless we are in a cabana or something, because, who wants to basically be nearly nude (not to be confused with never nude, thank you arrested development) with a ton of people they work with… awkward to say the least.  

Lastly, I plan to get back into my post a day on the infertility challenge, will start that next week after I survive the rest of this work week.  Hope everyone is having a good week and that the post holiday business is not too crazy.


4 thoughts on “Fun with ovulation pee sticks and exciting timed intercourse

  1. It’d be wonderful to save the 25k. Hoping for the best! Wow the Bahamas sounds amazing. Hope it is going to be extra amazing. Good job going to the gym. I gained 6 to 7 pounds after my 3 rounds of IVF. Still trying to figure out a way to lose the weight.

  2. Someday we won’t have to pee on OPKs anymore. Until then, I hope the first positive was right on.

    Bathing suit with coworkers, yikes! Especially for us pasty Seattleites.

  3. It can be so frustrating to look at your calendar and feel like things are getting pushed farther and farther out. I hope the time goes quickly and that you get to enjoy the break from the meds and just have some fun. And I’m with Marcy – someday you won’t have to pee on these stupid sticks anymore. I hope you meet your vacation weightloss goal and have FUN.

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