A wonderful gift! And, my body is screwing with me again…


Came home tonight to a wonderful surprise package from Adi at The Second Bedroom!  She sent me a wonderful card with beautiful words of encouragement and some lucky pink and blue (for baby thoughts) socks for IVF #3 in a few months.  She is going through her own very hard time and is so sweet to reach out and take the time to send me some love.  Thank you so much lady – so happy to have ‘met’ you through this wonderful community!

The socks and card were definitely the highlight of my day!

The lowlight: getting another (much stronger) positive via my OPK test today (CD 26) – what the fuck body?  I had a suspicion this would happen – the last IVF failure the same exact thing happened, weaker positive earlier in the cycle followed by a much stronger positive so I continued peeing on OPK sticks this week.  I just really wanted to be 6 DPO instead of resetting the clock on the dreaded two week wait.  Doubly annoying, my husband had to go out of town today for a few days for a work event.  He’s only 45 minutes away so after work today I drove over to his hotel for a ‘timed intercourse quickie’ – which was quick, but as you can imagine, was not sexy or exciting.  He was rushing to a work dinner and I was dreading the drive home.  And tomorrow I can’t go over there due to my own work schedule, so this one shot is all we’ve got.  All the other cycles where we had days and days of timed intercourse didn’t work so I’m thinking we were just doing it wrong the whole time and should have just had sex once like most fertile people and this will totally work (ha, ha…).

The cold I got last week put me in bed all weekend so I’m now behind on getting back to my original infertility challenge questions – but will hopefully get to that later this week.


3 thoughts on “A wonderful gift! And, my body is screwing with me again…

  1. Sorry you’ve been sick hon. Hope you feel better soon! You know, I read somewhere that being sick can delay ovulation, so that could be why you ovulated later than usual? And maybe just maybe, it was a strong ovulation and your one time was it! Fingers crossed hon! I LOVE the socks btw! They’re such an amazing gift!

    • Thanks, I agree, they are amazing! Hope all is going well with the estrogen preventing that pesky ovulation and that you are on track for the 24th!

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