Bullet points

Work is still kicking my ass and now we’ve added jury duty to the mix this week, even more fun!  So I don’t have the brain power to put together a cohesive post, instead for your reading pleasure – bullet points!

  • I am not pregnant.  Not surprised, and not upset either.  Would have been fabulous but had no expectations for this cycle.  Weird thing is that this period has been the shortest and lightest ever, guess my body is still fucked up from IVF #2.
  • I found a new acupuncturist.  I liked my old one, but figured that in the theme of doing everything differently for IVF #3 I would get a second opinion.  And I’m glad I did.  I LOVE this woman and this place – it is a holistic healing center that is so much more comfortable than the clinical space I had been going to.  And this new acupuncturist totally gets me – she has put together a plan to get my eggs, body and spirit ready for IVF.  She is knowledgeable, and warm and yet very ‘east coast’ in a way that she is blunt and high energy.  She did my history, pulse and looked at my tongue and said ‘Oh honey, you are exhausted’.  Which I didn’t think that I was, but looking at it now, I am, and I need some help.  I felt warm and wonderful on her table and look forward to my next appointment tomorrow.  She wants me to see her a bunch this week before we head to vacation.
  • Scheduling – we have to go to Denver for day 3 blood tests and the one day workup (somewhere in between days 5 and 9).  And I need to go to Europe for work sometime before that (yay for London and Frankfurt, not complaining).  So right now I’m gambling a bit on the week of January 17th and hoping that allows us to try naturally before I leave, and gets me back in time to do a last minute trip to Denver.  If only my ovulation and body was consistent this would not be a problem, but oh well.
  • I am a huge Denver Broncos fan – have been my entire life.  Some of my best memories are of watching Denver games with my dad.  I am super excited about the game Sunday, but feel a bit strange about watching it from the Bahamas with a bunch of Seattle fans (including my boss’s boss) from work.  Thought about changing the travel to go to Denver to be with my family, but the logistics were just too difficult (plus I had a hard time giving up 2 days in the sun).  Fingers crossed I don’t drop so many f bombs yelling at the game that I get fired 🙂
  • I have a crapload to get done before I leave on Saturday.  My mom arrives here on Friday to have a little Seattle time with one of her friends and take care of our dog and I have so much that I need to do before then (and while surviving work and jury duty).
  • Two of the most fabulous ladies who have been here for me during this journey are in their PUPO after transfer phase – Failing Baby Maker and My Hope Jar.  I am so very hopeful for the both of them and wanted to post some love on my blog as another way of sending love and positive energy to the universe for some healthy embryos growing into healthy babies.  Come on little embies, you can do it!!

7 thoughts on “Bullet points

  1. Aww thank you, every little bit helps. Awesome about the accupuncture. I don’t know why that voodoo works but it does and I’m never going back. Glad you found a place that feels like a better fit! Have a wonderful, safe, boozy vacation. I am still seething with jealousy over it but you so deserve it and on Super Bowl weekend with your team in the game?!? All things considering, could it be any better than that? Not in my book sister! Drink for me… a lot. Xoxo, love you lady!!

    • I will be having all the drinks for you – hopefully not just in the Bahamas but for a good long time (at least until my next round where I am expecting us both to be knocked up)! And xoxo and love right back at ya – will be stalking for testing and beta updates from both seattle and vaca!

      • I peed and got a neg. hoping it was too soon and that because I hastily decided I must do it immediately after work I was over hydrated? Straws… Must grasp them.

      • That would have been 6dp3dt right? I think that could totally be too soon, and not having FMU probably doesn’t help. I’m holding out hope that it is just a bit too early and there is some positive pee stick or beta out there with your name on it in a few days :). As an aside, who ever would have thought we would ever have full conversations and acronyms for peeing on things. Oh, the things that the fertile people are missing out on…

  2. Have an awesome trip to the Bahamas – you have earned so much fun and sun and sand. Soak it up and enjoy it. And hooray for a good acupuncturist! I loved my acupuncturist – really helped me a lot.

  3. I’m late on commenting! Hope the Bahamas was fabulous. That is super interesting about switching acupuncturists. Glad it worked out for you. I’m debating whether I should switch.

    Not sure when all your travels are happening, but I’m wishing you luck for all the scheduling to work out how you need it to and for you have a great time in Europe.

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