I’m back! For a minute.


I’m back from our lovely, lovely (did I say lovely) vacation.  Even the parts where we were with a ton of colleagues in bathing suits were wonderful and fabulous.  We did the Bahamas (Atlantis) for the work trip first, for 5 days.  We started off with an overnight flight to Miami and then a short trip down to the Bahamas from there.  I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but we have been to the Bahamas before.  We went for a wedding about 2 years ago – back in the early days of TTC where I thought for sure I would get pregnant.  Nope, instead we both got terribly sick for the majority of the vacation, not so fun times.  So I was a little wary of going there again, especially with the added work people in bathing suits.  It is also quite large – kind of a cross between a huge kid’s water park and Vegas, so it’s not quite my vacationing style, but I will take a free trip to the sun any day of the week.  Luckily we were staying at the adult pool and portion of the resort so I didn’t have to suffer all the adorable babies in swimsuits.  So we started off there, and the first night was the Super Bowl.  I am a very big Denver Broncos fan, back to my childhood going to games at Mile High with my dad.  Since our trip was with a ton of Seahawk Seattle people we decided to watch the game from the hotel room with a large bottle of wine (just for me), beer for my husband, and room service.  And I’m glad we did.  The game was a total shit show from the first snap, so I proceeded to get drunk.  And then they proceeded to lose, and we at least had a balcony over the ocean for comfort (which it was).  The rest of our time there was mostly spent drinking, laying on the beach/by the pool, eating, and then drinking some more.  Oh and we good sex that was not ‘timed intercourse’ a lot, which was super fun.  I ran a few times and went to the spa, but that was it.  

On Friday we flew back to Miami and then on to Grand Cayman.  And that was much more our speed, more laid back and non ‘man made’ with a long narrow beach that we could walk along.  And food, the food was so fucking good.  We did Eric Ripert’s (my secret boyfriend) restaurant Blue one night and did the tasting menu with tons of wine.  It was out of this world good – 6 portions of fresh fabulous seafood and one amazing desert.  And the rest of the lunches and dinners we at overlooking the ocean and continued to drink wine and relax.  Other than that we had more fun vacation sex, did stand up paddle boarding and laid on the beach and swam in the ocean a lot.  Heaven.

So all that aside, my body is continuing to fuck with me.  I ‘think’ according to the OPK’s that I don’t quite trust, that I ovulated on CD 13 or 14 – which is the earliest in my entire history that I have ovulated.  So on the one hand, yay, body for finally doing something normal (or yay to the Myo-insotol, new acupuncture or 8 other supplements and DHEA that I am on)!  But here is the issue.  I am at the airport right now, flying to London in 2 hours.  I thought (ha, ha, I should know by now that I cannot plan any of this) that I had timed this all perfectly to make this trip, come home and then go to CCRM for my day 3 testing and one day workup with plenty of time to spare.  But now I have no clue when I will get my period, maybe in the next couple of days or hopefully I will have a ‘just relax, go on vacation’ mythical fucking unicorn of a pregnancy (ha, again).  I’m hoping best case scenario that the bitch comes Wednesday or Thursday which will give me enough time to make it to my meetings in Frankfurt that I really want to be at on Thursday and then if I have to I can change my flight to go directly to Denver.  Of course I have a big meeting next week at home where I am flying in some of my employees that will totally get fucked up, but I’ve decided not to worry about that until I have to, one day at a time here…

So with that – I say goodnight to you all – hopefully the next nine hours go smoothly and get me back to London, my favorite city on earth and my old home for my high school years.  Just the thought makes me warm and happy inside to get back there.  And soon I will have a extra special, amazingly wonderful post – the lovely lady at An Airman and a Doctor has nominated me for a Liebster award!  And I feel that it would be only fitting to accept that award from Deutschland.  

So until then, Auf Wiedersehen bitches!


6 thoughts on “I’m back! For a minute.

  1. Ok so I am super jealous! We have been buried in snow for the last few days. Today I left my house for the first time since Monday evening. I live in the South in the US and it isn’t even supposed to snow here..wtf! I am glad you were able to enjoy some normal sex..hehehe. It can be so hard to do! Every time my DH and I get busy, that is ALWAYS in my head. Also, I have tried the ‘relax and go on vacation and you will get pregnant for sure’ method and it does not work (at least for me!). Glad you enjoyed your trip 🙂

  2. I freaking love you. My soul mate….Seriously dying over your mythical unicorn pregnancy. You just might have a super tan, extra sparkly my little pony up in that ute. Who the hell knows?! So glad you had a great trip and kept me sane by responding to all of my craziness while you were gone. Safe, safe travels to you!!

  3. Part two of your beach trip sounds the best, although I wouldn’t turn down a trip to Europe either. Bummer for the woes of scheduling around AF. Oh and I just heard there is a free Ricks Steve’s app. I love his guidebooks. Please post some pics!

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