CCRM Day 3 Blood Tests

Went to CCRM yesterday – got there at around 8 am and it was pretty busy.  Lots of ladies and couples with binders moving through the process.  Gave my name and a few minutes later went back for the blood test.  Apparently the blood tests at CCRM are NOT covered by my insurance (aside – insurance companies can go fuck themselves) so it was the most expensive blood test I have ever had.  The actual drawing of the blood was fine, the woman asked me if I was doing OK and I said yeah, at this point getting my blood drawn is a totally normal occurrence.  I expected to get a call with the results that afternoon, but they just called a few minutes ago – here are the results so far:

Estradiol: 19 (below 50 is what they want to see)

FSH: 7.3 (below 10 is what they want to see).  My FSH during IVF #1 was 11.8 so I’m pretty happy that it’s at least improved over the months!

LH: 8.8 (they want to see it below the FSH number) so she said it is a little high, but nothing to be concerned about.  They’ll see how it matches up to my AFC next week and the rest of the workup to see if there is anything larger at play.

AMH: still pending – should come back on Tuesday

That’s it for now, this whole traveling back and forth to Colorado while having an insane work schedule is really kicking my ass and stressing me out a bit.  But I just need to keep in perspective that CCRM and IVF are my number one priority, and if that means I have to work weekends to get my day job done than that’s what I’ll have to do.


5 thoughts on “CCRM Day 3 Blood Tests

  1. It’s a lot but you come first and this is a priority in your life right now. Glad the blood tests went well and things are moving forward. Good luck with your cray work load!!

  2. Well, so far it looks like all the blood results are good, so that’s awesome. I think you’re definitely in the right hands, even if it means having to schlep to Denver. And I hear you on the mental realization that the cycle has to be the top priority. It’s so hard, but it will be so worth it in the end.

  3. Good thing the girly parts are at least discharging hormones appropriately. .. But work stuff sure likes to throw a kink in life. Rooting for the rest if the values to not be little hussies and be okee dokee too!!

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