I am taking ALL the supplements (aka my pill list)




A number of you have asked what I’ve been taking over the last couple of months since starting the CCRM process and my new amazing acupuncturist.  So without further ado – here’s the list along with dosage and a few changes that I am tweaking based on the latest from CCRM and this great new book I’m reading (more on that tomorrow).  Obviously this comes with a disclaimer – ‘who knows if these are actually attributing to my better numbers, ask your doctor before taking anything, etc, etc…’.



3/4 teaspoon of Myo-Inositol Powder dissolved in water (CCRM)


25 mg of DHEA (CCRM)

Prescription – my doc said that the over the counter DHEA varies in potency so a prescription is best

400 mg Coq10 (CCRM)

Currently on: http://www.amazon.com/Doctors-Best-Absorption-Vegetable-Capsules/dp/B000YCMLQ0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1396401339&sr=8-1&keywords=coq10+400+mg

Thinking of switching to (based on the book I’m reading): http://www.amazon.com/Doctors-Best-Absorption-Vegetable-Capsules/dp/B000YCMLQ0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1396401339&sr=8-1&keywords=coq10+400+mg

4 tablets of Spirulina (acupuncturist)


4 capsules of Royal Jelly (acupuncturist)




3 Prenatal vitamins (CCRM, but have been on these for 3 years)


1000 mg Fish Oil (CCRM wants me to switch to prenatal DHA when the cycle starts)



25 mg of DHEA (CCRM)


1000 IU Vitamin D (CCRM – new wasn’t on this for the last 2 months but my vitamin D just came back a little low)




3/4 teaspoon of Myo-Inositol Powder dissolved in water (CCRM)

25 mg of DHEA (CCRM)


3 Prenatal vitamins (CCRM, but have been on these for 3 years)

4 tablets of Spirulina (acupuncturist)



1000 mg Fish Oil (CCRM wants me to switch to prenatal DHA when the cycle starts)



Another thing I’m doing twice daily (but not as religiously since it has to be refrigerated so can’t travel with it – got it from my acupuncturist):



And that’s the list – looking at it now, holy shit am I taking a ton of pills!  Hopefully some of them are working magic on my ovaries.  I have more to catch up on – among the fun list are amazing topics such as the ‘boob smash and smush mammogram’, ‘weird consult to get monitoring at a local clinic’, and ‘will I ever ovulate?’ but now I have to get back to work for a bit longer tonight.  I hope all you lovelies are having a fabulous evening out there and when work is not crushing my life I will get back to reading and commenting!






13 thoughts on “I am taking ALL the supplements (aka my pill list)

    • It really is insane when I write it all out like that – hopefully it’s doing something in there, either placebo effect or for real, I’ll take whatever gets me better eggs! Hope all is continuing to go well with you and the pregnancy – if I remember correctly you have an ultrasound coming up, will be sending positive energy and fingers crossed and all that!

  1. Woa that’s a lot of pills but pills fix everything so these will work! 😉 Good luck with work. I hope there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for you soon. Hey look, no swear words! I really am a lady… Bwahahahaha. Shit damn hell. Xoxox.

    • Pills fucking damn well better fix everything – I think I just need to add more valium to the mix and that will definitely be the answer. There’s enough swearing for our quota for the day :). Hope your work is going well right now too – I’m sure you are so ready for tax season to be over with!

    • Oh dear, I’ve never thought to actually figure out the cost, at this point all the IVF costs and drugs are so insane that I figure the supplements are a drop in the bucket. I probably should tabulate all the costs together anyway for my tax prep – that will be nice and depressing 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing hon! I’m taking all of those and then some except the DHEA and the Myo-Inositol. I’m going to discuss them with my doctor! It is a lot, but I really think it’s doing great things for your ovaries and eggs! My fingers are crossed for you!

  3. Those are good supplements, myo-inositol and DHEA especially: MI may increase the % of eggs that are mature at pickup, and that is HUGE in an IVF, while DHEA may be useful in decreasing anueploidy in women with age-related infertility.

    Best of luck!

    • I hear ya – a lot of things about this are absurd, bordering on ridiculous. I never thought I would have a GIGANTIC pill box like a 90 year old, yet here I am 🙂

  4. Your’re simply incredible! Did you continue these supplements while on stimulation? What about egg retrieval? What did CCRM recommended? Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

    • I took the prenatal, vitamin D, spirulina and DHA/fish oil the entire time but stopped the DHEA, CoQ10, royal jelly and my-inositol when I started stims, which was what CCRM recommended. Hopefully the list was helpful!

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