We have a calendar for IVF #3!

After finally ovulating and getting all the pre-requisites done (pap records, mammograms, ODWU) we have a calendar!  The type A person that I am is super ready to obsess over the dates and approximate timelines.  I think I’ve felt this way going into the other IVFs as well, but I’m feeling ready, and I’m feeling optimistic.  We had enough time off to try and heal from the last round, and enough of a checklist of the stuff to get ready and the supplements so that I’m anxious to get started with what is going to be a pretty long process. We’re not doing a fresh transfer this time due to the testosterone in the priming and CCS, and then with the 6-8 weeks to do the CCS if when (see, look at that positive thinking!) we have a good batch of frozen embryos it will be July before we actually do a transfer.  Part of me is freaked out by that length of time but my current optimistic self feels like as long as it works I can be somewhat zen for the wait.  We’ll see how long that patient and zen-like state lasts, my bet is that by June I will be losing my shit a little bit.

I had to go to 3 pharmacies to get the crazy drugs I’m on for this cycle – the testosterone and HGH (can’t wait for roid rage, yay!) aren’t offered through Freedom Fertility so had two other places for those and the rest from Freedom – but they are all ordered and the big ass box of drugs will be here on Tuesday!

I have my beta-3 on Monday and I’m hoping to have enough time to ask the Dr a few questions (putting them out here two in case any of you CCRM ladies can tell me what you were told to do):

1.  Do I stop DHEA and the other supplements when we start the priming portion, or when we start stims, or stay on them throughout?

2.  When do I need to cut out all alcohol and caffeine?  

Obviously I’m totally willing to do this, but I have two work events out of town before stims and really would love a glass of wine here and there (and so I don’t have to explain why I’m not drinking, aka, ‘no it’s not the reason you are assuming it is – don’t I wish’ to the work world that knows me as a chic who loves her wine), and one of the trips is for our conference in New Orleans and I also love me some of their strong Chicory coffee.  I realize I sound like a lush here, oh well.

Headed to Denver for the Beta-3 tomorrow afternoon, the appointment is on Monday but figured I may as well go in a bit earlier.  My nephew’s third birthday part is Saturday earlier in the day and I went back and forth about flying tonight instead, but couldn’t bring myself to spend 2 hours with all of the adorable children and their parents.  I love being with him 1:1 but just felt like it was probably not the best idea for me to be surrounded by the rest of them.  My sister doesn’t really seem to understand why I am not making the party since I knew about it beforehand, for now I’ve just said it was because of work, but I’m a little afraid that it will turn into a bigger drama.  Hopefully not, but we’ll see.

And here is a pic of the calendar for anyone who is interested in this crazy testosterone antagonist linear protocol.  Dates are approximate until I get my period (one of the few times that I am more than ready for it to get here) but it gives a good idea of the plan.




16 thoughts on “We have a calendar for IVF #3!

  1. You should be asked to stop all supplements right around your first ultrasound and blood work. On your calendar it looks like 5/16 and 5/17. As for the “cutting out” I always tend to think of it as “everything in moderation including moderation.” BUT I did cut almost everything out during both prep and stim. I just wanted to ensure that if anything wasnt going to work it wasnt because I didnt follow instructions. CCRM is pretty clear on cutting it all out. Best of luck with round 3!!!

    • You rock, this is exactly what I needed. I am only doing a tiny bit of caffeine right now and wine every once in a while, but I like to plan and wanted to know when I have to completely go off of everything, I know that CCRM was pretty strict about it (my other clinic wasn’t) but couldn’t remember if it was at beginning of stims or beforehand. At this point I would walk backwards over hot coals if that’s what they wanted me to do – so while being at a conference with no booze will not be fun, it’s absolutely worth it. Just followed your blog as well, super excited for you that you made it to pregnant and will be reading along and hoping that everything continues to go fabulously!

    • I should send you my wine for now so you can drink it all while I’m sadly not. Got the word from the doctor that it is no caffeine or alcohol starting with CD1 of the priming/down regulation, so I am living it up a bit now.

  2. I did not cut out caffeine or alcohol totally until embryo transfer day. And I have still had some caffeine throughout my pregnancy. (Very little) During my stims I never had more than 2 drinks at one time. My Dr was very explicit that remaining stress free & relaxed was THE most important thing that I could do, and if that meant a little wine or a few beers, then go for it.

    • Thanks lady, CCRM is apparently super strict on this one. I’m a bit up in the air as to whether it will make a difference or not, but figure I will do whatever they say just in case it does 🙂

      • I think the bottom line is to do what makes you most comfortable. If that means following ccrm guidelines or if that means having a glass of wine, or eating pineapple core or doing acupuncture. Good luck!

  3. Happy Denver weekend and IVF calendar kick off! Hope the sister behaives. I am totally for drinking and caffeine during TTC and pregnacy, just in small amounts.

    • Thanks Lady, CCRM is apparently super strict about this one, but I’m totally with you on this topic. I figure I will try it their way so that I can say I did everything they instructed, and we’ll see how it goes. Also just sent you a note, so sorry to hear about some of the challenges you’ve had lately but would love to keep following your story.

  4. Yay for your calendar! The calendars always make it more real! Continuing to send you so many positive thoughts!

  5. Hi. I do just a little bit of caffeine but stopped alcohol for the next 30 days until ER . I ordered meds today and have my CCRM retrieval date around the same time as yours.

    • Very cool – I just saw from your other comment that you are also a Seattle girl. Let me know if you ever want to meet in person, either here or in Denver. I met another person through this blog during our ODWU and found that it was just so cool to meet her in person and share stories and support. To answer your other question, I am doing my monitoring at SRM (did my first two IVFs at PNWF and really did love it there, but CCRM suggested SRM for monitoring as they are larger and had worked with them before). I’m planning on going to Denver for CD1 so will probably only need some blood work before that (have to go on Friday for my testosterone and chem panel draw).

  6. Hi Smile, I would love to meet in Seattle and compare notes, I am also doing monitoring at SRM. Hope your blood draw goes smooth. How do I send you a private email/message?

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