CD1 and it’s time for down regulation

For once my body did something on time and I got my period on the same day that my tentative calendar had it scheduled for.  Yay, body.  Started doxy and est.race last night and the fun with testosterone begins on Sunday.  Really excited to be jumping back into all this again, I know that this one will be a long process, but am approaching it looking forward to the break in the middle after we do the egg retrieval.  Am now trying to figure out where we should go on vacation right after egg retrieval as I figure I will need/want to get away for a bit and have a good amount of wine as soon as these eggs are out of me.  This is day two of no caffeine and no booze and work has been quite stressful yesterday and today – I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it, it is all worth it… (but sometimes I also feel a little pissed off that I we can’t just get drunk one night and end up knocked up).

That’s it for now, have to get back to work on all of the items that I’m behind on today.  Hope all of you have fabulous weekends and will be sure to update with all the fun stuff that’s going on as I get further into the joy that is down regulation!


10 thoughts on “CD1 and it’s time for down regulation

  1. Yay, body! Nice work! It will all be worth it. But in the mean time, give yourself a non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic treat every day. I don’t know what that will be for you (for me it was peanut butter cups and Monin passionfruit syrup that I’d dump into some seltzer). But you deserve *something* to look forward to at the end of a rough work day.

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