Day 14 of down regulation and the IVF status update template

Holy shit, day 14, it’s only day 14?  I am really, really ready to start shooting up all sorts of crazy drugs to start stimming for this cycle.  As a fun idea for updating as I go through this cycle I’ve stolen a fabulous and brilliant idea from the fabulous and brilliant Barren Betty.  Tweaked it a tiny bit to go with the IVF process, but the rest is original.  Seriously, if you don’t follow her already, you should, she is a funny badass chick.

So here’s the idea – as I go through this cycle I will update using a new ‘IVF update’ that is the infertility equivalent of a weekly pregnancy update (nothing against those, j’adore you pregnant infertile chicks as well), just thought it would bring some fun to what can be somewhat boring updates on what is going on with my ute, ovaries and psyche through the cycle.  Here goes…

Day of the cycle: Down regulation day 14

Total weight gain/loss: Ugh, was hoping that the no wine, no coffee diet would allow me to lose a few pounds that are left from IVF #2.  Apparently not – maybe the estrogen and testosterone that I’m taking are contributing (or the ‘comfort’ food I ate in Dallas) but my clothes are fitting like I’m up a pound or two.  I’ve decided not to weigh myself, because fuck that, I don’t need anything else to be annoyed by.

Best moment this week: Being able to stop taking the Doxy.cycline – it could only be taken 2 hours after meals, 2-3 hours after or before calcium and supplements, etc. Basically it was annoying and I’m glad it’s done.

Worst moment: Losing my patience a few times this week with husband and work people (this I at least kept to myself) – maybe the testosterone?

Movement: I did what will probably be my last hot yoga class in a while on Sunday since I have to go out of town to New Orleans Saturday and then only have a few days back before heading to Denver for Stims.  Have been walking the dog a bunch as well since it is so amazingly gorgeous outside this week.  I’m addicted to my fitbit and like trying to get those 10,000 steps in.

Anything making you queasy or sick: The thought of 14 more days doing down reg before starting stims

Fun drugs you are currently on:  Testosterone gel in the morning, estrogen at night.  I start the ‘fun’ of promethium (haven’t done that one before) next week.

Sex: Apparently not.  With the testosterone I’m on there is a very large warning that we’re not supposed to sex it up to be on the safe side.

Symptoms: Testosterone rage, wanting to eat everything in sight (I’m blaming that on the estrogen, but who knows)

Wedding rings on or off: On so far, we’ll see how much crazier I get

Happy or moody most of the time: Fairly happy for the most part – I feel positive and optimistic going into this cycle, and I’m trying to remind myself that I control how I go into this.  I’m sure I’ll be a blubbering mess of anxiety when I go into monitoring and being afraid that follicles are growing too slowly, etc.  But for now I am good, just ready to get through this and onto stimming.

Current project: Survive work this week.  I’m prepping for our big conference that starts in New Orleans and I haven’t even figured out the big speech I have to give yet.  Oh well, I figure that is what my 4 hour plane ride to Houston and then the hop to New Orleans is for.

Looking forward to: New Orleans food (see, I want all the food all the time), but not looking forward to hiding the fact that I can’t drink around all my colleagues or not having some wine with all that amazing food.  We had a good system in Dallas where my boss or husband would get me a sparkling water with splash of cranberry, hopefully my boss can keep that going since my husband won’t be there until later in the week.

That’s it for now – am LOVING this format (thanks again BB), let me know if there is anything you guys think we should add to the infertile IVF status update template!




24 thoughts on “Day 14 of down regulation and the IVF status update template

  1. Seriously loving this format! Wish I had used it when I was stimming, since I can never do that again (who am I kidding? I’ll be stimming again in 6 months I’m sure). And I totally agree about weighing yourself, fuck that!

  2. I love the format! So great. I actually had to switch from my iPad to my laptop so that I could adequately comment on this post! Ah technology. My commentary… weight gain/loss uh no. Don’t do that, I totally agree, fuck that. Who needs that shit. I hated the Doxy. It made me throw up one day so I ate a sausage mcmuffin the next day and didn’t puke so due to my HATRED for puking I ate one for the remaining 5 days. Gross. Who does that? It’s totally gross. I always lose patience with my coworkers. They deserve it. That’s my feeling anyway… if only everyone were as perfect as me. harhar. The next 14 days will fly! Sex, puhleese, who is doing that anyway? I mean really. Hey honey, let’s shoot up and get down. No thanks. What does this wedding ring thing mean? Like are you fighting with your spouse? I’m intrigued. Thrilled you are happy and optimistic. I am too, for you!! Ok, I promise not to comment on all subjects every time but I couldn’t help myself this time. Again, In case you forgot since it’s been a while since you started reading this, I am a big fan of this format as well! Good luck with operation booze avoid and knock ’em dead with your speech! XOXO! p.s. what in the eff is testosterone gel?? where do you put that? June… can.not.wait.

    • Oh my god, once again I need to express how much I love you. Please continue with the running commentary, it has me laughing my ass off. The doxy was so fucking evil, much worse than the follitism or some of the other shots. It made me feel like such crap. The days have been flying by, mostly because I’ve been at that conference in NOLA for a week. The rings thing is just a joke – basically a measure of how much I want to kill my husband (or he with me) due to all the hormones – a play on the pregnancy rings on or off. And testosterone gel is a lovely new thing – I put it on my upper arm and then it flakes off so I look like my skin is peeling off, SUPER attractive. And hells yes to June!!

  3. I love the format too! I can’t wait to read your next update. Continuing to send so many positive thoughts your way!

    • Thanks my dear, finally just posted an update. I’m thinking of you often right now and hoping with everything that I have for a perfect ultrasound this week.

  4. Ahahaha! YAY! Love it!! I forgot to do a weekly update last week (for “forgot” read “was too lazy”), but you’ve just reminded me. If my cycle goes ahead we are going to be stimming at similar times, yay! Sending you lots and lots of good luck xx

    • That would be so fun to both be posting stim updates at the same time! Just got caught up with you as well – and what the fuck on the whole not knocked out egg retrieval thing??!! That is barbaric, I have never heard of anyone here ever being conscious for a retrieval. You are right to be enraged. Anyway, hoping everything is going well and that you are moving on to the next steps of stimming by now.

    • Yes! I would never have thought a little pill would make me sicker than the hard core needle stimming drugs. Hated that stuff and glad to be done with it.

    • Thanks lady, thinking of you often and will get caught up on posts now that I am back in town. And BB is freaking fabulous as well.

  5. I love this. Can I marry this idea?

    Also, I hate hate hate lupron. Did I mention I hate lupron?

    Fingers crossed that you have an amazing cycle!

    • Marry away, the more the merrier (ha). And I forgot about lupron when I said doxy was bad. Lupron is the devil. Just got caught up on your blog as well, am gutted for you about the outcome of your cycle, just cannot believe that would happen. So very sorry.

  6. Another good “drink” is a club soda with lime and then I would just lie and say it’s a gin and tonic. Especially in NOLA where it’s hot, no one will question a G&T. Weirdly I learned this trick from a recovering alcoholic who didn’t always feel like explaining why he wasn’t drinking at work events. How much longer till you start stimming? I hope the time passes quickly!

    • I totally used this a bunch of times in NOLA, worked perfectly! I do miss the wine though (although I got to have my two glasses at the end of the week and they were fabulous). My suppression check is Saturday in Denver and then hopefully onto stims from there!

  7. I am so happy that I came across your blog as we have a lot of similarities! I am at CCRM, 38, traveled the world and waited to have a baby only to find out that this baby making thing was harder for us then we could imagine. A few miscarriages, failed IUIs, and our first round of IVF showed us that my eggs suck (ended up with 4 eggs…. 3 abnormal and 1 normal but not viable) We decided to do the embryo banking of basically 3 retrievals, freezing, CCS testing then transfer in January time frame. How fun is this year going to be???? On my 1st round of stims (day 5). Im new to this and any blog so wasn’t sure how to reach out to you so here is my attempt 🙂

    • Oy, that is quite the year, I’m sure all the fertiles are quite jealous of your schedule. So glad you found my blog and would love to share stories (and maybe we’ll be out in Denver at the same time at some point!). I can always be reached here or here’s my email address as well –

  8. Hi my dear!! I seriously look at my blog roll everyday just to see if you’ve posted. I hope you are doing well and I miss you. That sounds odd because we exist in virtual world but I just want you to know that I think of you often. We need to plan a get together for June… You have my email from my comment so shoot me a message and let’s get this partay planned. Xoxox!

    • You are just so fabulous, I have resurfaced back to the world now and am prepping for Denver later this week! What is late June looking like for you? Thinking of doing Paris for work the week of June 9th and then staying the week after to drink a shitload of wine and eat all the cheese in sight while I can, but then once I’m back I have nothing planned.

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