Cyst free and ready to go!


Oh dildocam, it’s been far too long.  Here’s a pic of my newest lucky socks addition from the lovely M – I definitely think they helped today.  Have all the rest of my lucky socks from other ladies here as well – figure if I rotate all the pairs I will maximize all the luck and hope.

Got to the suppression check and I still hadn’t gotten my period – was pretty angry with the old ute at this point.  I wasn’t sure how the check would go – but go the ultrasound first and there were no cysts, so that was a big first step.  My lining was also at about 5 so she thought I would get a period at some point.  Then met with the IVF nurse on call and she said that we would see what the blood work looked like, worst case scenario I would just have to hold off for a few days.  Waited for a while to get my blood drawn (they were pretty busy this morning) but it was all over by 10 am.  Then my mom and I went to breakfast at a great place in Denver – True Food Kitchen – lots of yummy healthy dishes and juices. Would have loved a mimosa but made do with a pear, ginger, carrot, beet and turmeric juice, sounds not so great, but tasted wonderful.  Then went to a yoga class with my sister and of course, got my period right before it started. Yoga was good for the cramps though and I felt awesome after it was over.  CCRM called right after and gave me the good news that I am cleared to go to start stims tomorrow!  Had prepared myself to wait a few days so was happy and surprised to be able to start right away.  And that’s it, have been taking it easy tonight, catching up on building my playlist as well as downloading Circle + Bloom (figured it would help to get my mind in a positive place during tough moments, can’t hurt right?).  

Want to thank you guys for all of your playlist suggestions, have added them to my list – let me know if you guys want to see the final version, I ended up with 58 songs, totally enough to shuffle with a good mix and variety.  And thanks for the advice, I’ve decided to hold off on sharing for now until I know her a bit better and have time to think more about it.  This is my safe haven and the place that keeps me sane, and I would hate to jeopardize that somehow.  You all had great suggestions about sending blog excerpts and links to other blogs, such good ideas.

That’s it for now – will post tomorrow or the next day with an update with BB’s fabulous status template on how the shots and everything are going.  


8 thoughts on “Cyst free and ready to go!

    • Me too so far, and I totally didn’t think I would. Hopefully it is making me all zen and shit. And helping to grow some fabulous motherfucking eggs.

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