Stims Day 7!


Hi lovelies!  Lucky socks!  I wore my socks from Adi @TheSecondBedroom on Wednesday and then my socks from Megs at Work is for Suckers on Friday.  Love that I have an assortment of lucky socks to rotate through, I think they are sending good healthy egg vibes to those follicles!.

 Sorry I’ve been so MIA this week.  This decision I made to work full time remotely (including two days of 7 hour meetings by phone) and try to go to a million doctor’s appointments has made life a little crazy.  Really wish I could just take 2 weeks off, but that cannot really happen right now, and I want to save that vacation time for an actual relaxing vacation this summer or fall.  Very happy that it’s now a long weekend and I have a few days to relax a bit before next week.  Hoping to actually do some work this weekend so I will be easily to take off whenever it is time retrieval time.  Come on retrieval time, you cannot get here soon enough!

Day of the cycle: Today is stims day 7!  I had monitoring on days 4 and 6, updates are below.

Follicles and Estrogen Update:

Day 4 Follicles:  At CCRM they only measure the biggest 4 on each side during day 4 – which I thought was a big odd, but whatever.  I had follicles ranging on the left from 8 – 12.6 and then on the right from 6.6 – 9.  When they called later they told me that I had 19 follicles that they were tracking but would look in more during the next monitoring appointment.

Day 4 Estrogen: 472

Day 6: They saw 17 follicles but measured the largest 12.  I have a range of 8-16 on the left and from 8-12.5 on the right.  I had my regroup with Dr. G later that day and he said that we would likely sacrifice the 16 to get the rest up to the same level, but that he wasn’t worried about the range he was seeing (thank god).

Day 6 Estrogen: 899

Estimated Retrieval Day: Dr. G thinks either Wednesday or Thursday – he said that they want me to at least get to Stims Day 9 (Monday) for egg maturity and that his guess would be that we could trigger Monday or Tuesday.  I am so very ready, the next couple of days are going to be very slow…

Total weight gain/loss: I am the bloat.  There are no more pants in my future and from here on out it is wrap dresses and maxi skirts.

Best moment this week: Going to monitoring on Wednesday and finding out that we do have some follicles growing and that on Friday everything is still looking good!  Sitting down with Dr. G and hearing from him that everything looks good so far in terms of stimulation and growth.

Worst moment: Being reminded that my issue isn’t stimulation – it’s fertilization and growth.  So even though we’re doing well so far Dr G can’t say if that will have an impact on healthy embryos.  The plan is to grow to day 5 and do CCS testing and then freeze for an FET later (in our one and only transfer we had 4 that fertilized, transferred 2 on day 3 and the other two arrested before day 5) so we have never made it to that point before.  I’m reminding myself that this is a new lab and that we are doing the Calcium Ionophone to hopefully help fertilization so we have more to grow.  The closer we get to retrieval this is the thing that makes me anxious.  At least I can have a glass of wine while waiting for the fertilization report.

Movement: Very little.  I”m trying to walk a bit but by the afternoon I am pretty uncomfortable.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Didn’t have breakfast on Wednesday and felt pretty crappy in the car ride back from CCRM.  My mom has started to make me natural protein smoothies every morning since (greek yoghurt, bananas, flax seeds, almond butter, etc) and I am feeling better if i have one of those with my shots.

Fun drugs you are currently on:  2 vials of menopur (still burns like a motherfucker) and cetrocide in the morning (causes really sexy bumps, welts and itching, yay), was on 150 IU of Gonal-F earlier in the week and now am up to 225 IU and still on the Dexamethasone (steroid).  Finished the HGH yesterday so at least that is one shot down to equal out the addition of the cetrocide.

Sex: Ha

Symptoms: Mild headaches, having a hard time going to sleep at night and not sleeping well, bloating and discomfort.  Am starting to get a little emotional and moody as well.  The husband got in late Thursday night so he could do his backup frozen sample and it’s been great having him here but I have a short fuse now so there are moments that irk me.

Wedding rings on or off: See above, on so far 🙂

Happy or moody most of the time: Still feeling pretty zen so far, except for moments of anxiety over actually getting past retrieval but am managing that fairly well i think.  I’m still doing circle + bloom as well as acupuncture here (love the acupuncturist, she was suggested by CCRM) so that seems to be helping along with the walks and playlist.

Current project: Continue to make it through every day.  Do some work this weekend so I am not stressed about when I have to take off for the retrieval.  Relax and chill as much as I can knowing that it’s not that much longer now…

Looking forward to: Retrieval!  The closer it gets the more ready I am for this to be all over and done.  I love Denver but I am ready to go home, be with my dog, sleep in my own bed, wine, all of that.  The next couple of days are probably going to go very slowly… Have I mentioned yet that I’m ready for it to be retrieval?

That’s about it – the only other thing that went on this week was going to the genetic testing and getting the info on how CCS works and what the timeline looks like.  In summary, it will be 8-12 weeks between this retrieval and transfer if we get to do the CCS testing (please, please universe) – so we’re looking at a late July at the earliest but likely August transfer timeframe.  I’m sure the waiting will be hard but I am looking forward to having my body and mind back for a few months this summer!


22 thoughts on “Stims Day 7!

  1. Yay, sounds like your ovaries are doing their job so far fellow cycle bud! You should get your ovaries to have a word with my lazy ones. I am find the days are really dragging now too. I want Monday’s scan already! I’m sending you sooo much good luck for next week xxx

    • Apparently they did since yours are not being so lazy this go round! Will be waiting after my retrieval to see how your Wednesday scan went 🙂

      • Eep. I’ve already said it once on my blog, but I’ll say it again for double good luck… Soooo much good luck for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to hearing how it went 🙂 xxx

  2. Happy for you that you have so many measurable follicles! I know what you’re talking about when it comes to fertilization and growth. I hope that many of them will listen to you. As for as Menopur, my RE taught me a little trick that significantly reduced the burning. She told me to wipe the injection site very lightly once with the alcohol wipe. That will help reduce the burning. It worked for me so try that out if you haven’t. Can’t wait to hear how many eggs you get. 🙂

    • Love that trick, it definitely helped! What helps even more is that I triggered last night and am now done with Menopur, pretty happy about that 🙂

  3. Sounds like everything is going well! I’m with you (stims day 10 for me today) and I am READY to be done! We’ll likely be going through ER on the same day too…I’m booked for Tuesday or Wednesday right now. Best of luck next week!

  4. Sending your eggies so many positive thoughts! Praying all those follicles mature so you have a great starting point for fertilization! I’m sorry work is so crazy right now, but hopefully it will at least help the next week fly by. Hoping you can get some rest this weekend. Everything is crossed for you!

    • Thanks lady, sending positive thoughts to that little baby for your next scan as well! The weekend definitely did help but we had a late night with triggering so I am definitely tired today. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow!

  5. Yay socks! I hope they bring you luck. Retrieval day will be here very soon, you’re doing so great. Hang in there, lady. I also think having the 8-12 weeks between now and transfer is going to be really good for you – let you get back to your life a bit, recuperate from the drugs, enjoy some wine and coffee! Thinking of you!

    • I am so ready for tomorrow! And very ready to have my body and mind back for at least a month to heal some from the stress and strain this puts on me. And yes, wine! Have a bottle chilling in the fridge for after these eggs are out 🙂

  6. So, I was about to comment about how it must have been cold or had the AC cranked down really cold but then I realized it wasn’t your legs in the picture, but an oversized peach hospital napkin! Lol! Good luck with the rest of this cycle!

    • Haa, my husband always jokes that I am super pale – but at least not so pale that I am actually peach colored! Looked back at the picture and could totally see how it would look like that. Thanks for all the well wishes, super appreciate it!

  7. Cute lucky socks! Glad to hear the Doc thinks everything is going well. Sorry you are feeling bloated. With so many follicles it is not surprising. It’ll be nice to get a break before transfer. Despite the wait, you can try to recover, enjoy the summer and then be in perfect shape to welcome the embies.. good luck lovely!! xx

    • Thanks! The bloat it is immense now, but not much longer now. And definitely looking forward to a bit of a break to have my mind and body back for some of the summer. Definitely think it will get me to a better place for (fingers crossed) transfer. Would love to get your address to send you some fun socks for your upcoming transfer! My email is myladybits2013 at gmail if you want to send it over 🙂

    • Thanks lady! Thinking of you too, loved your last post on empathetic Sunday, it really spoke to me about this community, and the highs and lows of being all in this together. Can’t wait to get an update on Nacho!

  8. You are a lucky sock wearing rock star! Seriously, working your ass off during treatment is a major feat. Glad you get a bit of a rest over the long weekend.

    • I figure I need all the luck I can get at this point :). And there is just something so lovely and positive about wearing socks from women in this community, just makes me feel like I have an infertile army of women cheering me on. Sounds like you had a lovely long weekend, I am missing Seattle so much right now and seeing the pictures and the water definitely made me even more excited to go home. Cannot wait to be back and looks like the weather next weekend should be great as well!

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