Trigger time!

This will be pretty short as I am feeling pretty bloated and overall exhausted.  Went in for monitoring today and I have 8 on the left (ranging from 14 to 22) and 10 on the right (ranging from 13 to 18), after they did the blood work they called me back and let me know that I’m triggering tonight!  It’s only stims day 9 but I am definitely ready.  The bad news is that I have to trigger at 1 am and then do a follow up lupron at 2 am and then 2 pm tomorrow, it’s going to be a long night and day tomorrow.  

I am planning to go to sleep here in a few minutes and then my husband will wake me up to do the trigger (I am also setting 2 alarms) at around 12:40.  This trigger is an IM shot – all the others I have done have been subQ – so that is a bit more difficult since my husband has to give it.  But oh well – it will be done and over and then Wednesday here we come!  The retrieval is set for noon on Wednesday and then we will fly home Thursday morning.  Fingers crossed for good healthy and wonderful eggs!  Will update more tomorrow after the trigger tonight…


19 thoughts on “Trigger time!

    • Ugh, it was so late, I am a girl that likes to be in bed early, I don’t do well late at night. But it’s over and done (and I’m tired today) but super excited for the retrieval tomorrow!

  1. Happy trigger! Yay for finishing stims. I had 12 days of stims, ick. Hope you are snoozing away right now. Will be sending happy and healthy thoughts to your eggs for Wednesday’s retrieval.

  2. Yay!! Those numbers are great! So excited! Everything is crossed for you. Hope you get lots of perfect eggies!

    • Thanks! Anxious about it but it’s out of my hands now so just hoping for great eggs that fertilize and grow into 5 day blasts so we can do the testing and hopefully have the hope of a transfer later this summer.

  3. ouch, that’s annoying to have to get up at 1 and 2 am… i bet you’ll fall asleep without problems though. you must be exhausted.. good luck with retrieval tomorrow!! xx

    • It was pretty annoying (I am not a late night person) and couldn’t get back to sleep easily after the 2 am Lupron so pretty cranky today, but so very, very excited that it will all be done with by tomorrow at this time.

  4. Yayy you’re so close! I had the same trigger times both times I cycled! Nothing like waking up in the middle of the night to get your butt poked with a hugeass needle! Praying tomorrow goes perfectly! XO

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