This post will be short as I am ready to go to bed for the night for our early flight in the morning (Home! Oh Seattle, I have missed you and my dog so very much!).  Retrieval went well – we got 19 eggs and I have am a bit crampy but overall not much pain or bleeding and CCRM is super efficient and good at retrievals, it was definitely very smooth.  And I got to have my glass of wine tonight, yay for wine.

Now comes the first really tough part, the fertilization report tomorrow.  In IVF #1 we had 0 eggs fertilize (even with ICSI), in IVF #2 we had 4 out of 16 fertilize with ICSI – and even then we didn’t have any that actually made it to day 5.  This time we are adding some magic Calcium Ionophore, plus the CCRM lab, plus all the crazy supplements that I am on so I am hoping with everything that I have for a better outcome.  I am overjoyed to have so many eggs but we actually need embryos, and embryos that make it to day 5 to have something to transfer later this summer.  

So a short plea to all of you wonderful ladies –  any thoughts, magic unicorn dust and prayers tonight directed at those eggs in their petri dishes all ICSI’d and Calcium’d up for fertilization and growth are very much appreciated!  Come on little eggs, please make it into kickass embryos so mama doesn’t have a nervous breakdown tomorrow!


28 thoughts on “Retrieved!

  1. Hello wino my old friend…. These are great numbers and now all we can do is rally and hope for the best. You have done everything in your control to make this as successful as possible. The rest is outside of that. You done good lady! Hang in there!! xoxo!

    • Thanks my dear, this is what I needed to hear, it’s out of my hands now and in the hands of the magic scientists. So far so good. And yay for wine.

  2. Everything is crossed and I’m saying so many prayers for good numbers tomorrow!! Come on eggies and spermies!! Make some magic!

    • Thanks, and thanks for the Circle + Bloom coupon – I used that throughout stims and think it made a difference in making me more zen throughout this craziness!

  3. Thinking of you and those eggies – hope they all behaved themselves last night and turned into beautiful embryos. Hope the journey home was quick and smooth.

    • Thanks Megs. So far so good (just posted the latest – 8 fertilized with maybe a few more bonus ones tonight), and thrilled to be home and sleeping in my own bed again.

    • It did (just posted an update), although I wanted to throw up with anxiety all the way home. And yes to the wine, hallelujah for the wine to calm my nerves during this!

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