Got the call while we were flying home this morning.  They called at 9 am, was expecting a much later call, but am not complaining, I have always hated the afternoon wait for the fertilization report.   When we landed I saw that we had a message from CCRM, and we had already had the message from the nurse checking to make sure that I am feeling OK (I am, other than the bloat).  So we got our bags and waited until we were at home before listening, just in case it was bad news so I could spare myself from making a scene at the airport or in the Uber on the way home.  So without further ado (too late)… here it is!

We had 19 eggs retrieved

Of the 19, 12 were mature

Of the 12 they tried to fertilize 6 with ICSI and 6 with Calcium Ionosphore (not sure why they split them up, I was under the impression that you did both on all, but I’ll ask later when I talk to them)

And we got 8 that fertilized!  This number makes me so excited, it’s double what we had last time and I’m hoping the number points to higher quality (since we still need these guys to stick around until day 5)

But wait there’s more!

Of the 7 immature eggs they were able to mature 4 of them in the lab and are trying to fertilize them today, and we’ll get a call tomorrow with an update.  Any more would just be a beautiful bonus at this point.

I had to listen to the message twice to let it sink in – and then I instructed my husband to bring out the bottle of bubbly in the fridge and open that motherfucker (hence the picture).

So that’s where we are – we’ve made it through day 0 and day 1, with 4 more days to go to see what we end up with as far as being able to CCS test and freeze.  I know there are so many more hurdles to get through but for tonight I’m going to breathe a sigh of relief and let myself relax and actually envision that this could maybe just turn out to be it for us.  Please let that be so.

And thanks again for all your well wishes, prayers, unicorn farts (love that one), and positive juju – please keep it coming so that these guys or gals continue to grow and make it over the next set of hurdles.  

I’ll leave you with one last picture of me before retrieval – showing off my socks from M’s care package (who I met during our ODWU and through this blog).  

Goodnight all!



24 thoughts on “Fertilized!

  1. Yay yay yay for you! Come on embryos! Keep growing! Can’t wait to see how they do in the next few days. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. (I feel like I miss out on how to do unicorn farts…)

  2. Those are awesome numbers!!!!!!! Huge sigh of relief for getting over this hurdle. Glad you are feeling well and had a safe trip home. Hallelujah for your own bed!

  3. Yay!! I’m so happy to read this. Grow embies grow! That is amazing too that they were able to mature 4 more of your eggs! So awesome! Enjoy your relaxing night hon. You so deserve it! Praying so hard this is it!

    • Thanks! Just crossing everything that our positive news continues tomorrow – I think with all the positive thoughts of you guys they have be growing away in their little dishes.

  4. Fantastic news! FANTASTIC!!! So happy to hear those good numbers. Keep growing, little embabies! Sending lots of love and flowers and happy vibes their way. And yours.

    • Thanks, appreciate all the love and happy vibes. I like to think of them growing away in their little dishes or test tubes or whatever it is they are in.

  5. Excellent first report. I was at a bagel shop this morning and the song Red Red Wine came on. It totally made me think of you 😉 Hoping so hard for you that your embryos are growing strong!

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