Tomorrow is a big day in the many hurdles of this process for IVF take 3.  So far we have survived stimming, check.  Survived egg retrieval, check.  Survived fertilization, a big check.  And they did get 1, maybe 2 (didn’t realize there could be a maybe) of the 4 late bloomers to fertilize, so we’re up to nine, maybe ten.  They told me that they would move them on day 3 to a different ‘medium’ to prepare for biopsy and freeze but that we wouldn’t get a report (seems a bit cruel not to let us know, but oh well, they are the best so I’m just rolling with it) – so maybe we have some that have been chilling and multiplying their little asses off all weekend.  

As for me, I totally unplugged this weekend.  The weather in Seattle as amazing.  I did laundry, cleaned the house, spent a ton of time with my pup, ate and drank in the sun, including the first grilling of the year!  I have been thinking and sending love to the embryos in Colorado all weekend but it did go pretty quickly.

So.. tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will see how many embryos we have that have made it this far.  We have never made it this far.  Please, please, please let this be good news tomorrow.  Am stuck in an all day meeting tomorrow so that should be fun to step out of and either lose my shit in a good way or a bad way.  Please let it be a good way…


18 thoughts on “Tomorrow

    • Thanks, same to you for getting through this a little under 2 week wait! Hoping that you have some wonderful embryos growing as well (although in a very different, much more important place than the sterile lab). When is your beta?

  1. Sending you whatever positive vibey thing (which sounds like a vibrator and I don’t mean that unless that’s what you need and hey maybe that IS what you need…lol!) you need. Crossing all my parts too. If it’s good news I can’t wait to celebrate. If it’s not good news, you will not be alone in your tears. We got you sister.

    • I know! I saw your post and wondered if you were in there somewhere. Thinking about you right now and hoping with everything for some good news for you very soon!

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