Today was a Good Day

Yes it was.  There haven’t been a ton of good days so far in our infertility journey, but today was definitely one of the best.  Got the call at around 10:30 am while on a fairly contentious work call at the same time.  Put the work call on hold (who knows if anyone asked me a question, oh well) and picked up to talk to the embryologist.  Had a moment of terror where I wanted to hear what came next, but didn’t at the same time, just in case it was terrible news and we would have to pick up the pieces again.  Luckily the first thing that she said was that it was actually good news.  You guys, we got 7 out of 9 to make it to blast, biopsy and freeze!  

This is more than I ever could have hoped.  I think the odds are around 50% and for once in this shit show, we actually beat the odds.

Here’s the embryo grading details – she said that they like to freeze on day 5 so most where biopsied and frozen then, and then we had one straggler to day 6.

Day 5
3AA – excellent quality
3AB – high quality
4BC – meh quality
3AB – high quality
3AB – high quality
4BC – meh quality
Day 6
5AB – high quality

Just wow.  I still am in disbelief that we made it this far.  Maybe it is the CCRM lab, or the supplements, or sheer luck, or all of you lovely ladies sending positive energy, prayers, magic and good juju (I choose to believe that this outpouring of love is the difference) but holy shit – we at least have a shot at this!  In around 3 weeks we will get the CCS test results – soon I’m sure that I will start to get anxious about that next hurdle.  But today, today was a good day.

I leave you with the deep thoughts of Ice Cube (bet this has never been quoted in the context of an infertility blog) and a huge thank you for all your love and support – you ladies are seriously the fucking best.

“Today I didn’t even have to use my AK.  I gotta say it was a good day.”



34 thoughts on “Today was a Good Day

  1. Woohoo!! That is the best news ever! I’m so happy to read this! I am continuing to send your embies so many positive thoughts and praying for good news in a few weeks. Yay!!

    • I thought you would like that. Seriously though, that’s what I said to myself after I got the call, and then I got the song stuck in my head, and then the insanity just continued from there…

    • I know it is crazy. It could be dumb luck but I definitely think the supplements and the change to bite the bullet and travel to CCRM has been worth it so far, just their lab success seems to be the biggest part. I know that you are looking at your next steps right now, and the traveling has been a pain in the ass, and confusing at times to be a remote patient from home, but so far so good. You can do it if what feels right to you is to go to SoCal.

    • Thanks, sorry to hear about your latest cycle. Hope you have a lovely time away and can come back ready for the next steps. It’s such a hard process but it sounds like you are taking some much needed time for yourself.

  2. Ahhhhh…. yay! Just found your blog last week, but I have been checking back every day and hoping for good news!

  3. Huzzah!!!! Best news ever!!!!! So, so happy to read this. Looking forward to the CCS report – 3 weeks seems so long – I hope it’s sooner!

    • Thanks! So far it is going quickly since I’m traveling and work is even more insane, so that is definitely helping to pass the time. Maybe I’ll get the results around the same time that baby Manuji makes his big appearance!

    • We’ll see what comes back from the genetic testing and then go with whatever CCRM recommends from then. I’m just hoping to have at least one at the end that is normal, any more would definitely be a blessing for sure.

  4. Congrats! I’m Heather and I was hoping you could answer my question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com that would be great!

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