Hello from the UK



Hello from the UK!  Got into Heathrow on Sunday afternoon to some lovely weather.  Some of my colleagues and I then went for a run in Hyde Park (the best way I know to combat the jet lag).  It was so fucking nice to be able to run again, it’s been so long since I couldn’t work out at all during the IVF process so it wasn’t the fastest or the best run, but just to be able to and have my body back was so very nice.  We then went to an amazing cocktail bar in the Langham Hotel where I had the lovely champagne cocktail that you see above, and then to a great dinner at Hakkasan.  I so love London.  I went to high school in Surrey, not too far from London (don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before) and every time I come back it just feels so much like home.  My dream (other than the obvious, you know, to actually have a baby) would be transferred back here someday for work.  Maybe someday, but for now at least I get to travel here for work fairly often.


Here’s a picture from where we are out now for our meetings today and tomorrow – Warlow, Buckinghamshire.  We are staying at this really cool old hotel – that is a view of the church on the river Thames across from where we were having a drink here last night.  Been in about 8 hours of meetings all day, have a short break now that is ending soon and looking forward to drinks and dinner.  Can you sense a theme here with eating and drinking?

In other news, I got my period today, yay!  So it’s CD1, we are taking this cycle off all the drugs and will try a bit naturally (I’m not doing OPKs or any of that stuff, I need to not obsess for a moment) so we’ll see if there is some sort of miracle but I doubt it.  As of tomorrow it will be 1 week into this 3 week wait for the CCS testing so 2 weeks left to go.  I did call CCRM to report CD1 and I assume they will give me some sort of timeline for what happens next as it would be nice to see what the next steps could look like.  Part of me is superstitious about even assuming there is a next step, but the other part of me says fuck it, we have 7 little embies – out of those there has to be at least one that is genetically normal, right, right??

Well that’s it for now.  Headed to Paris on Thursday for more meetings and will try to post more pictures (probably mostly of wine and cheese) from there.  Hope all of you lovelies are having a great week!



7 thoughts on “Hello from the UK

  1. Look at that beautiful cocktail! I could go for one of those right now. I love London (and Paris, for that matter) and it’s always so fun to read about your trips there. Enjoy the eating, the drinking, the running, the month off from all the craziness that comes with infertility. You’ve earned it. And you’ve earned the hope too, so I definitely think it’s fair to feel hopeful that one of your embabies is going to be ready to go for you in July.

  2. Ooh, your travels sound wonderful (minus all the work :)). Enjoy those cocktails and wine! Hopefully you won’t be able to have them for too much longer!

  3. Ohhhhhhhh why am I not there?!?! You need to take me along as your personal assistant. Bill it to the company!! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing time and just enjoy knocking boots with the husband this month. Also I hope you have about a hundred cocktails because oh my god I love cocktails!

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