Back again, hopefully this time for good

So remember when I said we reorged my department and I had a new boss.  Yeah, completely and utterly underestimated the effect of that.  So I’ve been working my ass off days, nights and weekends since coming back from my glorious trip to Oregon wine country with Failing Baby Maker (more on that later).  It’s all good stuff, I really like and respect my new boss, but there is a lot to do and a lot to catch him up on as well as reconsider with our new structure.  I think now, finally, I can catch my breath a bit and return to the rest of the world (please let that be true).  

So, what’s been happening… get ready for another segmented, probably rambling, bulleted post.  Hopefully the last one of these for a while 🙂

First – went to Oregon wine country with Failing Baby Maker

  • Holy shit we had so much fun.  We drank, we laughed, we commiserated (we did not cry, damnit).
  • And we drank all the wine, and ate all the food.  It was so lovely.  
  • It was amazing to meet in person and get to talk for hours about stories and histories that we know fairly well from meeting on the inter webs, but to get to share in person was pretty special.
  • We also realized that answering the question ‘So, how do you guys know each other’ becomes hysterical when you’ve met from the internet and what’s brought you together is a shared experience of shit for reproductive organs.  

Here are a few pictures of our trip:


The porch on our lovely rented house. It was built in the 1900s and had an awesome back and front porch, perfect for drinking all the wine.

Picture of one of the many bottles that I purchased.  Winery was up a windy road in the hills.  So beautiful.

Picture of one of the many bottles that I purchased. Winery was up a windy road in the hills. So beautiful.

Sunset after an amazing meal.

Sunset after an amazing meal.

Thank you so much H for meeting me live and in person – cannot wait until we are both knocked up this fall (because we will be knocked up this fall, I command it to happen) and can get together up here in Seattle!

Next – I worked my ass off

Not much else to say here, worked a shitload, lost contact with everyone for a while

Now – FET is fucking ON (finally)

  • After a 46 day cycle we are finally starting the process for the FET.  Got my period on Saturday, soon after a text from Failing Baby Maker with some very strong words for my ovaries.  Thanks dear – they needed a stern talking to.
  • I am on day 3 of birth control pills (oh how I hate you evil little pills of doom) and so far I wake up every day with a headache – awesome
  • I start Lupron on day 16, also known as the instrument of all things satan and menopause.  I can feel the hot flashes already!
  • They want me to do electro-acupuncture 2 times a week for 4 weeks leading up to the transfer, I am going to my acupuncturist tomorrow and hoping that is something they do.  Can’t wait to see how much it is going to cost me out of pocket to go there now twice a week.  Oh well, pennies I’m sure compared to everything else.
  • Right now we are tentatively scheduled for transfer on September 9th.  And I’ve decided to go at this like it is going to work (because it has to work, if I think about the what ifs of it not working I start to lose it a bit, let alone the massive nervous breakdown I will have if it doesn’t).  
  • So that prepping for it to work has involved going to the dentist, getting my TDAP vaccination and getting my finances all in order.  I have some fun stories to tell about going to a ‘regular’ doctor for the first time in a while as well as my dentist visit. 

But I’m saving those for the many, many posts I am going to write now that I’m back – as well as posting my super fun FET calendar for anyone out there that wants to see what an FET at CCRM looks like.  

Someday soon I will also get around to catching up on reading and commenting, it may take me a while, but I’ve kept up a bit and have seen some amazing news for many lately, which does give me hope that this all can and will work out someday.  I just hope that day for me is about 40 weeks from September 9th.


11 thoughts on “Back again, hopefully this time for good

  1. Glad to see an update from you! Yay for your FET finally getting started! Sorry the BCPs are giving you headaches and hot flashes, they always made me feel bad too, but just keep telling yourself it will all be worth it! The electro-acupuncture sounds interesting. You’ll have to write more about what that is once you start 🙂 I just love your pics from your Oregon trip. How wonderful you and Failing Baby Maker were able to get to know each other better over wine and in such a beautiful setting. I am so hopeful you will both be knocked up in the fall too 🙂 Hope work slows down a bit. Really looking forward to all your coming updates!

    • Thanks my dear! The BCP and Lupron will definitely be worth it, but I’m ready for them to be done and over with at the same time 🙂 Thrilled to see that everything continues to go well for you, love all the updates on the little guy!

      • I really hated the BCPs and Lupron too. The headaches were the worst! Hang in there hon. You’ll be done soon and then you’ll be onto the FET cycle! I’m so hopeful for you!

  2. Oh boy, bcp’s!! I start them tomorrow but that’s because I have been bleeding for weeks. Mother eff. So glad that you are underway!! Love the photos from the trip. Great time and can’t wait to be pissed as tailgating football fans because we can’t drink this fall. 🙂 I am fascinated by electric-accupuncture…

    • The electro/electric, however the hell it is supposed to be said, was weird. Like a buzzy pressure in the needles in my stomach for the full hour. Not painful, just kind of creepy. Yay (and boo, because they suck ass) to starting the BCPs! What does that do for your schedule, is it still IVF in September?

    • Oh Megs, so happy to hear from you too. Hope all is going well with the little guy, and that you are doing great with the recovery from surgery as well as what I know are some very tough times with grief over your dad’s passing. I think of you often!

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