Electroacupuncture is weird, and other topics

Today is CD13, last night was also night 9 of taking the evil birth control pills.  I’ve so far put on about 3 pounds of water weight and I wakeup with a headache every morning.  Joy.  Can’t wait for the Lupron to start next week to add to the fun.

Right now we are at 33 days and counting until the FET, time is moving so very slowly.  Someone asked me if I was excited today and I didn’t quite know what to say.  Maybe when I actually get to the point of doing the estrogen patches and starting that actual cycle to be the transfer cycle I will be.  But for right now I’m just passing time and following instructions.  It’s weird, I don’t know if it’s because if I think about it I get scared of all the pressure of this being it, our only chance after going through a tough last 6 months, or if I just can’t picture it yet because it feels so very far away.  Hopefully the next two weeks pass quickly and I get my next period on time (August 19th, come on body, you fucked up the last cycle so much that you owe me this) and then I will start to be ready – excited feels like the wrong word, but ready for this to be it, our time finally stop living this life of cycles and IVF.

In other news, everyone around me is pregnant and I’ve started to tell how much time has passed in my life by their pregnancies.  And I’m not talking about all the good news in the IF community, all of those happy and wonderful BFPs I am truly thrilled to see, it’s more just the random people in my life.  Example 1 – my dental hygienist, who I told before IVF #2 when I went to get my teeth cleaned and had to disclose all that all the drugs that I was on.  I am getting my teeth cleaned last week (in the hopes of actually being knocked up next month) and about halfway through the appointment I look down and realize that she is definitely pregnant and showing.  She didn’t say anything, and of course I didn’t say anything but I couldn’t help thinking that she is already pregnant enough to show and I am still nowhere, back again for another set of x-rays before I hopefully get knocked up.  Example 2 – my next door neighbor.  When we moved in a year ago they had a 1 year old boy, and I remember thinking, hopefully we will have a child not too many years behind him.  I ran into her yesterday and she is 9 months pregnant.  I guess I hadn’t seen her in a while from the front but I was shocked when I saw her, I wished her congratulations but I think she could tell that something was off.  So they will have 2 kids before we even get to 1.  Example 3 – a woman I hired a few months ago but doesn’t start until October called yesterday to tell me that she is pregnant.  She is a lovely woman and was very nervous to tell me, little did she know that I am probably the most understanding of maternity leave and her having all of the time she needs with a newborn.  Three others of my coworkers are also pregnant, one with her first, the other two with their second and third child.  Just yet more reminders of how much time has passed by since we started infertility treatments – in the last 3 years people have had entire families while I’m still shooting myself up with drugs and hoping that this works out.

I don’t want to end the post on such a debbie downer note, so I’ll end with the weirdness of electroacupuncture.  Back when I did our one day work up at CCRM they did a doppler ultrasound of the good ol’ ute.  And apparently I have slightly low blood flow to the left side.  So they prescribed at least 4 weeks of electroacupuncture prior to the FET.  I’ve been going to acupuncture forever so I asked my acupuncturist if they did electroacupuncture and she said of course, but it freaks most people out so we only use it for specific situations.  She had read the study that CCRM was referring to about how electroacupuncture could increase blood flow and agreed that it was a good idea.  Basically it is this  – you get the needles stuck into you and they hook up to the needles what look like tiny car jumper cables attached to a little electric box with a D battery in it and then crank the dial until you can feel a buzzing sensation in the needles.  It’s not painful, just a really odd sensation that goes on for the entire session.  Picture the game Operation crossed with the jumper cables image and you can picture me on the acupuncture table.  We do this twice a week – alternating with the buzzy needles in my lower back one day and then in my stomach/ute area the next time.  Someday I need to compile a list of weird shit I’ve had done to me in the name of fertility.  This one is definitely up there…

Side note: when looking for images of the game operation I noticed that the spot where the guy’s penis should be is labeled ‘bread basket’ – what the fuck is up with that?  I remember playing this game as a kid and never really realizing how wrong that was…


9 thoughts on “Electroacupuncture is weird, and other topics

  1. Headache. Not cool. Lots of waiting. Not cool either. But you crack me up with the Operation picture and bread basket. Yeah what’s up with that? I hear you about people having first, second, and third child. Boy I so hope that this is it for you.

  2. LOL, I never noticed that about Operation! Is the bread basket his stomach, and which is so large it covers his family jewels? You know there was a conversation about this when they first developed this game. Oh, to be a fly on that wall!

    I’ve done the electroacupuncture, as well, back when I was still trying naturally. I almost preferred it to regular acu, since I could actually feel it working. Of course, it took more than that to get me pregnant in the end. But maybe it did help a bit? Anyway, best of luck to you!

  3. I hear you on the headaches. The BCPs always gave me headaches too, and the Lupron made it worse. I feel for you! I’m sending you lots of strength to get through the next 33 days hon. And sending you even more strength to deal with all the preggo ladies around you. That’s the worst. My SIL was visiting during my FET in February and pregnant with her third, and right after it failed, I got a call from a friend of mine telling me she was pregnant with an oops. It was unreal.

    The electroacupuncture sounds intense. Hilarious image, I can only imagine how you felt all wired up. Just keep telling yourself this will all be worth it hon. I know you’re scared to get to excited, but I’m so hopeful for you.

  4. BCP was the worst of all the meds for me too. I remember the bread basket and I’ve had electroacupuncture on my shoulders and back. It is indeed quite strange. I much prefer manual manipulation of the needle, but if the study showed goodness then bring on the blood flow to your ute! Hope the next few weeks pass quickly for you.

    • Yep, totally worth it and it’s not painful, just not quite as relaxing as the normal acupuncture is. Congrats again on the house and I can’t believe you are 25 weeks, time goes by so quickly!

  5. Glad to have news from you and that your FET is coming up soon.
    I definitely understand what you mean when saying you count time on other people’s pregnancies.. its quite sad really..
    good luck with your cycle. thinking of you! xx

  6. We know we shouldn’t, but it’s just so hard not to compare the time frame to others. While I was stimming, I had four patients who miscarried. All four are now pregnant, which makes me so happy, but I feel like “Hi! I’m still here, patiently waiting!!!” (okay, maybe not so patiently)

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