Hello Lupron

Said in the tone of ‘Hello, Newman’

Oh Lupron, you are such an asshole.  

In the two days that I have been taking you I have added the following fun side effects to my life:

  • More headaches
  • Hot flashes in the middle of the night
  • Fatigue
  • General crankiness / wanting to rip the face off of people
  • A feeling of meh
  • At least 3 pounds of water weight and bloating
  • Starving all the time and eating constantly (could be adding to the poundage)

26 days and counting until the transfer.  I take my last of the birth control pills on Saturday night (yay) and then hopefully get my period next Monday or Tuesday to start all the estrogen supplementation and the lining checks.  Still feeling like I’m in a bit of denial of this really happening, but as we do get closer it does get a tiny bit more real.  

I’m taking tomorrow off to have a bit of a long weekend and hopefully relax a little going into a very hectic work week next week.  Hope everyone out there has a lovely weekend as well!



11 thoughts on “Hello Lupron

    • That appears to be my next lovely side effect – my skin is now breaking out like a teenager. Fabulous – everything else is in menopause except for my skin.

  1. So sorry about the horrible Lupron side effects, but yay for stopping the BCPs and getting THE cycle started!!! I am crossing everything for you and saying so many prayers! Enjoy your long weekend and much deserved break!

  2. I am not looking forward to the Lupron at all!! Bummer about all the fucking side effects. Glad you are taking a long-ish weekend. When will you head to Denver? Your transfer is scheduled for the day we start stims. Let’s own September bitches!!

    • Fuck yeah, September is OURS! Love that our transfer day is your starting date, that has to be a good omen, right? I think so. Lupron is the devil, I am now a crazy person with bloating and acne to add to it, cannot wait to be done with this for sure.

  3. Sorry for the side-effects. But at least you’re much closer to finally starting the cycle that will lead to the transfer. Enjoy your long-weekend!

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