Goodbye BCPs

Please let this mean I never have to take another birth control pill in my life, I really hate those little pills and how bleh they make me feel.  So at least one medication down, many more to come.  I’m still on 10 IU of Lupron daily, and I think it is making me an insane person.   Literally I have two modes right now – either pretty uninvolved/lack of interest in anything other than shoving my face with food, or filled with rage and wanting to rip someone’s face off.  Unfortunately that someone is usually my husband as he is the person closest to me on a daily basis, and I have to imagine I am a not a fun person to live with right now.  Oh and now my face is breaking out as well, thanks Lupron for adding a new one to the mix.

On the lack of motivation side it is a very stressful time for me at work, plus I have that new boss and all that comes with it.  But I’m finding it hard to really jump in and get excited like I normally would, I just can’t seem to find the energy.  This is perhaps even more disconcerting to me than the rage – I am usually really engaged in everything that I do and not being able to get that part of me to show up right now is tough.  I know that this is short lived but I’m really pretty miserable at the moment.  Way more miserable than on all the stims – at least on those I may be bloated but I typically have a bit of energy and definitely not this feeling of disinterest.  

On the countdown front we are at now at 22 days to transfer.  Since I stopped the BCPs with my last pill on Saturday night I am supposed to get my period tomorrow.  As one of my dear friends wrote in a comment to me recently – that bitch owes me one.



5 thoughts on “Goodbye BCPs

  1. Takimg BCPs when all you want is to get pregnant is really awful. I hate the pill too. Hope you’ll feel better soon. I know anger and wanting to stuff your face well. Poor husbands.. but then isnt it their job to deal with us? 😉

  2. I had to go back and see if that was me, since it’s totally something I would say. I was pleased to see it was! I hope this was your last pack, too. I am sending images of ripe fruit and plump berries and all kinds of fecundity your way! Your womb is a freshly tilled field… Your womb is a soft and welcoming cradle… Your womb is as sticky as my décolletage whenever I eat something… xx

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