For once my body does something at the right time

Got my period yesterday, exactly per the schedule.  That bitch must be angry for my comments earlier though, as the cramps are quite horrific this go round (or maybe the electro acupuncture is working to build up a nice thick lining).

So we’ve made it through the first hurdle on our way to September 9th.  Estrogen patch craziness starts on Thursday followed by baby aspirin and a bunch of other stuff.  My full protocol is below for anyone who is interested in what an FET looks like at CCRM.

Will let you all know how it goes!  Maybe will even bring back Barren Betty’s fabulous daily update format that I used during stims and see if we can tweak that for the FET part of this process.

The long list of stuff I will be doing to my body on a daily basis:



12 thoughts on “For once my body does something at the right time

  1. I will never forget my RE telling me about how I would get a “nice, heavy bleed” to clear my old lining. I laughed. Only a man would say “nice” before “heavy bleed”!!!! Looking forward to the updates. That is SOME LIST.

    • Haa, only a guy for sure. And it is some list, now that I’m in it it’s feeling a bit more manageable, but it’s still going by ever so slowly…

  2. I found your blog when searching “ivf abnormal eggs”. I’m so encouraged that you’ve had such a good response changing clinics and new protocol. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    I live in Seattle too going into my third IVF right now due to bad eggs. 1st IVF (antagonist) was cancelled when my 17 eggs were lost in a lab accident. 2nd IVF (antagonist) 17 mature eggs but 12 were bad. Transferred 3 but lost pregnancy at 6 weeks. I’m starting stims for my 3rd cycle (lupron) in two days and estimated retrieval on 9/8, right around the time of your transfer! I’m not confident my clinic knows how to handle my egg issue because they say they have never seen eggs that look like mine before. I’m going to be following your blog closely because I am very hopeful you will have your baby with this coming transfer!

    • Welcome! And sorry to hear your history, a lab accident and miscarriage – I think the universe owes you one and should pay you back by having IVF #3 work out with a take home baby at the end. And let me know if there is anything that I can send you that would help, I have a lot of crazy stuff and protocols from CCRM (and they definitely specialize in crappy eggs). Sending you luck as well for 9/8 – I think that needs to be a wonderful week for both of us!

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