Made it to Denver

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Well, we made it.  Luckily we had 12 hours of college football to listen to on the radio on Saturday and a shorter 8 hour drive on Sunday to get us from Salt Lake to Denver.  There were no fights, tears or instances of rage.  I am taking this as a good sign of things to come.  This weekend is the anniversary of our 1st IVF exactly a year ago on Labor Day weekend.  We had zero eggs fertilize and I wondered if we would ever be able to try again with my own eggs.  Fast forward to now, this is IVF round 3 and FET #1.  I am really, really hoping that this works and I don’t spend the next year of my life living through more treatments, more time spent not being able to plan or truly live.  We leave for my doctors appointment at CCRM in exactly 10 minutes.  Will post more after we get the news back on what the plan is (please let it not be turning around and driving 20 hours home).

Oh, and by special request from Adi, here are a few pics of my wonderful pup.  He too survived the drive and is enjoying being pampered by my mother.

Snug and buckled into the backseat of the car

Snug and buckled into the backseat of the car on Saturday

Exploring Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City. Not sure why he wanted to hang out in the bathtub, I usually have to cajole him into at home when it’s time for a bath.



20 thoughts on “Made it to Denver

  1. yey! glad you made it to Denver and with no fights! I hope so much that this will be it for you and you won’t need to worry about treatments anymore! Your puppy is super cute! Best of luck with the FET!! xx

    • Thanks, it was truly amazing to make it here with all of us in one emotional and physical piece. And thanks so much for the continued hope and words of encouragement, they mean a lot right now in helping me get through this 🙂

    • Luckily I do love me some football, so it helped to pass the time and was fun to listen to all the games. And time to get pregnant indeed! I hadn’t thought of it in those terms, but it is definitely time get all nice and pregnant!

    • It went well, luckily. Short version – lining now 8.7 and triple stripe, they want to see me again on Wednesday to confirm but so far they are happy with where I am for transfer next week!

      • I was seriously just about to text you! Good news!! Yay for transfer. Keep making nice with the ute! Speak nicely to her, swear less about her, rub her so she knows she’s loved. All that jazz. If she starts to misbehave I am happy to unleash the fury…

      • Haa, meant to text you after the doctor actually but then got caught up helping my mom. And I am doing my circle and bloom meditations – which make me laugh sometimes at how much they are speaking softly and nicely the ute, but whatever works. She needs to continue to play nice for about 10 months, hopefully your threat of unleashing the fury will be just the nudge she needs 🙂

      • I listened to Circle and Bloom out loud as my husband and I went to bed. There were times we laughed out loud and we still joke about imagining ourselves floating in a warm bath but with our heads above water… I will be starting it again soon!

  2. You’re braver than I am to drive! I think after 20 hours in a car, my husband and I would be heading to divorce court than a fertility clinic! Glad the dog made it a truly family affair!

    • Fuck, just read your post and I am so sorry, I just hate that you have to go through this again – isn’t it time that we both get a ticket out of this hellhole? The dog I think did help to lift my spirits and keep us from killing each other, hoping that your new kitty can provide you some love and a bit of bright light during a terrible time.

  3. He IS a big boy!! And soooo cute!! Thanks for the pictures ^_^ I was cleaning today and went through a stack old papers and cards and came across the note you sent me with the beer. I showed Matt and he said… “That was good beer. We need to go to Colorado.” He’s ridiculous! You’re the best. That bottle you picked was his favorite of all the ones he got for Christmas.

    Anyway, I hope the third IVF pays for all, and the good mood continues 🙂 Best luck hon!

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