Update from my dildocam appointment today

So here’s the update, it will be short and sweet as I am tired and have a hellish workday tomorrow working remotely here from Denver.  

Made it to CCRM and they took me back right away for my date with the dildocam.  The ultrasound specialist was a complete 180 from what I had in Seattle, she took her time and did 3 measurements (the doc in Seattle did 1 that took him about 2 seconds).  Her measurement averaged out to be 8.7 with a triple stripe (thanks bodyshop girl for the advice to ask about that) and said it was where they want it to be for where I am in the transfer timeline.  I asked her if it could have somehow gotten smaller since last week and she said that she doubted it, but sometimes it does fluctuate a bit.  I think it was just a sloppy measurement in Seattle, but that could be my bias due to the coldness of the doctor and the extreme speed at which he took the measurement.

Got my blood drawn and the nurse called a few hours later after talking to Dr. G.  They want me to go back in on Wednesday for one more check but so far feel good about proceeding with the transfer date of September 9th.  I am very happy to be out here and having them doing all my checks, it is definitely easing my tension and helping with all the stress of this process.

Will update again either tomorrow (depending on work) or definitely after my next appointment Wednesday.  Thanks a ton for all the advice and well wishes and support, it keeps me sane through all of this knowing that I am not alone and that there is an entire army of amazing women out there cheering us on.


23 thoughts on “Update from my dildocam appointment today

    • I talked to CCRM about it yesterday – they want it triple stripe and in the range of 8-15 and she said that after you start the progesterone it plateaus and does not grow much from there. If it is over 15 they will cancel the transfer and back off the estrogen in the next round, she didn’t give any super scientific reason why, just that they don’t want it to be ‘too thick’. What I don’t know is what day they would do that, yesterday was CD 14 for me and I’m not supposed to transfer until CD22 which seems crazy late but I guess with it being a 5 day transfer that would put me squarely in the middle of the TWW. It’s another question that I have for my next dildo appt on Wednesday. Will let you know as I get more details from them, sorry you are having to do yet another WTF and prep for a transfer.

      • Thanks so much for your feedback! I briefly spoke with my RE today and addressed the issue of a “too thick” lining, he replied that if it’s close to 20 mm, he’ll suspect the possibility of a polyp, but also indicated that they like it to be between 8-13, of which I was on close to her upper end. I asked about adjusting my estrogen priming protocol, and while initially skeptical, he agreed that since I have a longer follicular phase, and I tend to have a thinner endometrium without estrogen, he thinks it may be more physiological for me. BTW, I’ve always done my transfers on CD22 or 23.

      • Thanks for the info about the transfer date, I’ve only made it to one 3 day fresh transfer before this, so it’s a new territory for me. Glad your WTF gave you some answers and a plan for next time.

  1. So glad everything went well today and that they put your mind at ease! It really does sound like the first measurement was just done sloppily. So glad you’re in good hands in Denver! Fingers crossed everything continues to go well on Wednesday!

  2. I had one ultrasound with my favorite tech in which an intern was observing to learn how to do the ultrasounds. The tech was measuring my lining and explained how if you measured it from one view, you would get a thicker and inaccurate result. Then she let the intern try it out, and she utterly failed at it, so it made me realize that it’s quite an art. I gained a new respect for my already favorite tech that day!

    I’m so glad you got correct measurements and you are on track and ready to go! I’m cheering your uterus on as it prepares for babies 🙂

    • It is so amazing how things like that can differ from person to person and clinic to clinic, but I’m happy it seems to just be a mistake/sloppy by the Seattle clinic and not a sign of a bigger issue. We’ll see what the next measurement gives us tomorrow and thanks for the cheers for the good ole ute – she needs the encouragement!

  3. I’ve been a terrible commenter, but wanted you to know I’ve been following your cycle and I’m sending so much love and positive energy your way. I’m pulling for you. You deserve so many great things, and you do not deserve stupid doctors who botch up ultrasounds and scare you. Can’t wait for your transfer!

    • You are so sweet, but no need at all to apologize, you have so much going on right now and I hope all is going well with that sweet baby boy. It makes me happy to know that you are out there and cheering us on 🙂

  4. Just stumbled across your blog today when looking for CCRM resources. Best-est wishes for the FET – I am rooting for you! I have persistent lining issues, so every ultrasound for me is a full blown panic attack. A lining of 8.7 sounds like a great, cozy burrowing place for the embryos:-)
    I am also from Seattle and I have our ODWU at CCRM at the end of this month. The logistics are overwhelming, managing work, travel, how long to travel for, etc. and I just wanted to let you know that your blog has a lot of great data which is a huge help. Thank you, and good luck again!

    • Oh good, so glad it’s helpful! Let me know if there is anything at all I can answer for you – my email is myladybits2013@gmail.com and I’m happy to help. Even willing to meet and have tea or something if you want to meet up in Seattle before you leave. It is super overwhelming but I’m so glad we came here, if I could do it over again I would have just come to CCRM from the very beginning.

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