Update from today

Went to my second dildocam and blood draw appointment and all continues to go fairly well.  My lining was still around 8.7 – 9.0 depending on the measurement.  I had an amazing ultrasound person this morning, she took a ton of time doing the measurements and reassuring me that everything looked good.  She also did a detailed doppler analysis of the blood flow to the good ole ute and pronounced that everything sounded perfect – definitely an improvement from my ODWU where I had one side that had a bit of an issue.  Apparently zero caffeine for the last 2 months + weirdo electro/car battery/operation acupuncture has done it’s job!  

Got the call this afternoon that my estrogen is a bit lower than they want – it’s at 149 and they want it at over 300 so they have upped my oral estrogen to 2 mg 3x daily (from 1 mg at night).  We’re staying on 1 patch every other day.  My nurse said that i would stay on the patches and oral estrogen plus the lovely progesterone (up the vag and PIO, double the fun!) through my beta and then hopefully through early pregnancy.   I remember from the last go round that I would stay on the progesterone but i don’t remember keeping on the estrogen (and the estradiol bottle says ‘do not take if pregnant’) so need to follow up just to make sure I heard everything correctly.  

Last evil lupron (please let it be the last forever) was this morning and then tomorrow night I start the vag progesterone, plus medrol and doxy (and continue with the estradiol).  On Friday we get to do the PIO shots from hell (the shot itself doesn’t hurt but my ass hurts for days with them, even with the heating pad).  I have one last blood draw on Friday and then if that is all good we are set to transfer on Tuesday.  It has seemed like it’s taken forever to get to this point and now it is coming up so quickly, finally time is passing at a speed that I like!

Here’s a few shots before my dildocam on Monday and today with an assortment of lucky socks (saving my lucky socks that i used for this round of egg retrieval from M for my transfer).  My legs look weirdly disproportionately huge, I promise my calves aren’t that big in real life.

Lucky socks from Megs for ultrasound #1 on Monday

Lucky socks from Megs for ultrasound #1 on Monday

Lucky socks from Adi at ultrasound #2 today

Lucky socks from Adi at ultrasound #2 today


21 thoughts on “Update from today

  1. don’t worry about the estrogen- you will get pregnant and need to stay on it in the first trimester for CCRM- and the PIO- and if you are like me they will add aspirin. but you are in the best place- they work miracles and i have a 22 week baby inside of me to prove it!

    • Thanks for commenting to alleviate my concerns about the estrogen, and so happy to hear that CCRM worked for you, gives me hope that I will get my miracle!

    • Thanks for the assurance about the estrogen continuing and love stories of successful transfers that give me hope. And thanks for the well wishes and hope for our miracle!

  2. Pharmacists have to comply with a lot of regulations. My PIO has a huge “do not take if pregnant” label, and I so fear that there have people who have lost an IVF achieved pregnancy by being compliant. I still feel my PIO injections when I run

    • Ugh, I hate the ass numbness and sore points, last time we transferred I felt them for weeks after we got the negative beta, insult to injury. Thanks for the assurance on the meds too, figured that was the case but I’ve learned to question everything and make sure I have it all correct so I don’t accidentally screw up something that is actually in my control 🙂

  3. Cute socks! I particularly like the striped ones. I was also told I would have had to stay on the patches if positive. Do not worry about that.. I have everything crossed for you! keep us updated. xx

    • Thanks for the assurance about the drugs! The socks came from another blogger, I had sent her some beer after her miscarriage over Christmas and she sent me the socks as a lovely thank you! Once I get back to Seattle I have some socks and another little thing coming your way (finally) to Paris 🙂

  4. Glad the socks came in handy! I read your post aloud to Max and we’re both pulling for you, hoping that this is it and you have your own cranky bundle of joy this time next year. You’re so close now! Can’t wait for Tuesday. Hang in there.

    • Thanks Megs, love that Max has joined in on hearing the story and rooting for us! Trying to make it through the week and into the weekend, hoping it all goes very quickly 🙂

  5. Yep, that sounds like my exact regime (minus the oral estrogen). I was on 4 patches every other day though. One thing you may consider with your progesterone injections is arnica gel. It did help the bruising/muscle soreness to lessen much faster. Also, you may want to reconsider the heating pad. If you have a knot after the injections, it is good for helping the muscle calm down. If you don’t, the heat is simply increasing the inflammation and making it worse. One of the things we did, is I showed my husband have to give me the shot in my hip as well as the butt…so that I had 4 sites to constantly change. We’d start on one end and work all the way over to the other and then start again. It gets kind of sore after many weeks of injections, and that with the arnica gel seemed to work best. Good Luck! I’m so happy things are going well!!!

    • Thank you so much – the arnica gel I haven’t tried before so I sent the husband out to whole foods to pick that bad boy up for the first shot tomorrow. Never even thought about the heat making it worse, will try that one and the rotation one as well! Where would we be without all of this knowledge sharing on the infertile internet? Both myself and my ass thank you for all of the tips 🙂

  6. So glad the ultrasound went well and you’re all set to transfer on Tuesday! I’m so excited for you. Thinking so many positive thoughts for you right now and saying lots of prayers!

    P.s., they told me the same thing about the estrogen after my FET too.

    • Thank you so much for the continued prayers and thoughts, I feel so loved and supported! Glad everything with you continues to go well – if my math is correct you are working on 23 weeks now, yay!

  7. Hooray socks!! I hope all the good vibes we imbued in those socks brings you the best luck.

    Those stupid warning labels print automatically and I was always told we had to put them on, no matter what. I only knew one compassionate pharmacist who at least took them off of cytotec and the like when she knew they were being used to induce miscarriage/abortion. I liked her. But yeah, I took my estradiol during much of the first tri, along with my BFF Crinone.

    Ahh, car battery acupuncture. Sounds so relaxing.

  8. Nice to find another CCRM girl. I’m having my embryo transfer Sept 8. Feeling super nervous and excited. Will be thinking about you and sending you some good luck thru the CCRM hallways 🙂

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