We are a go for Transfer Tuesday!

Transfer Tuesday – like Taco Tuesday only way better, and WAY more expensive.

Got my blood drawn for progesterone levels Friday morning (they didn’t check estrogen again, which I thought was a bit odd but I guess they will check it right before transfer).  CCRM called back super late so I was getting a bit nervous, I had never had a call after 3 pm MST but my nurse called at 5:00 pm – she said they had a lot going on at the end of the week.  My progesterone was 82 – they wanted it above 20 so we have passed that test with flying colors.  I had my first PIO shot, it’s not so bad yet but my right ass cheek is a bit sore (thanks for the Arnica tip – that seems to help!).  I’m doing PIO every other day and doing Endometrium 3 times a day every day, which is better than just doing daily PIO. I’m hoping my ass will have some time to heal with the days off.  The doxycycline sucks as badly as it did during retrieval – makes me nauseous every time I take it, luckily I’ll be done with it by Monday morning.

Transfer is set for Tuesday, they will call me on Sunday afternoon to let me know the final time and instructions and then the embryologist will call Tuesday morning for the final OK to thaw (please, please let them thaw perfectly).

That’s it for now, will post again once I have the schedule and instructions tomorrow.


19 thoughts on “We are a go for Transfer Tuesday!

    • Yep, transferring the meh quality one in the hopes that we at least get one to stick, although both would be cool too (scary, but I’m good with it). Arnica gel is this natural pain relieving stuff that you put on before and after the PIO shot – you can get it at whole foods, so far it seems to be helping! After bed rest will do a post on tips for fun with PIO so you have it at the ready!

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