Home! And 5 days past 5 day transfer…


Left Denver on Friday morning super early and got home around 5 last night.  I do love Denver but man, did I miss Seattle, it is so very good to be home.

So as soon as we got home (4dp5dt) I found a wondfo and peed in a cup (because, obviously, I am an insane infertile person that likes to pee in cups).  And after about 10 minutes there seemed to be a faint line.  Wondfo’s have burned me before so I went downstairs and found a FRER from our ‘break’ time before this round of IVF.  Nothing came up right away so I figured that it was just the wondfo fucking with me.  My husband continued to bring in all our luggage (I’m not allowed to lift anything) and I started to sort laundry.  After about 20 minutes  I went back in the bathroom and saw the faintest of lines.  So I called him in to see, and he confirmed that he could see it and ‘thought’ it looked pink instead of grey.  So I did what any insane infertile would do – I made him pee in a cup so we could have a control wondfo (didn’t want to waste the last FRER) – which he did while laughing at me.  And then I took 3 more wondfos of my own to see if they continued to show a faint line.  And then I texted H to see what she thought and she and I both had a good laugh over my level of crazy.

Woke up at 5 am to pee and of course did that in a cup so I could test when I really got up (see insanity, above).  This morning the FRER came up with a super faint line in about 5 minutes, but it now looks as faint as the one from yesterday, definitely not any darker, but maybe since it had only been about 12 hours, so trying not to freak out about that since it hasn’t been 48 hours yet.

Here are the pictures, no clue if you will actually be able to see anything from my shitty camera on my phone.  I did go onto the countdown to pregnancy site and make the images a bit sharper and lighter to try to make them more like real life (again, see insanity, noted above).

First the wondfos – couldn’t figure out how to adjust so you can see it horizontally, but the top one is the control and most of the others are from yesterday (at 5 when we got home and then before bed) the bottom one was from this morning.  I just wrote numbers on them for the dpo since I couldn’t fit the whole thing on the small strips.

photo 2-2_opt

And here are the FRERs – this was taken this morning after about 10 minutes, with the bottom one completely dry.  Not sure if you can see the faintest of lines here but there is a very faint line on both of them in real life, slightly pink but with a tinge of grey.

photo 5_opt

I don’t have any symptoms other than I tire pretty easily and my boobs hurt, and I had some pretty serious cramps right after the transfer as well as the day after – but most of those could be progesterone.  Both the husband and I are in a serious amount of disbelief, maybe if it gets darker tomorrow we will both freak out a little bit, but right now it seems a little crazy that this might actually have worked…

Beta is not until Thursday so will continue peeing on things and posting to see what you guys think, appreciate the continued happy thoughts, positive energy, good juju and prayers!


41 thoughts on “Home! And 5 days past 5 day transfer…

    • Haaa, for once this peeing on all the things is actually starting to look good for me, vs the thousands of other pee sticks I have done over the past three years 🙂

    • Thanks! Your comment about the progression is super helpful, definitely puts me at ease a little bit – I overthink everything, so this is definitely no different 🙂

  1. Psychic moment: I just yelled at you on twitter to update us, and then I came on my RSS reader and HERE YOU ARE UPDATING and with OMFG so exciting news, too!! I see all the pink lines and am I like, HOPPING UP AND DOWN. Please post your pee sticks daily until beta because um. I’m really excited. And obv I am super important and you should do as I say. EEEEEEE GOOD LUCK!!

    • Haa, thanks. I know that progesterone won’t show on a test (otherwise I would have had hundreds of others before now), just meant that the progesterone could be the symptoms :). Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. I just got a little teary because I totally see lines on all those tests a a I’m so freakin’ happy for you! Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s results! I am continuing to send you so many prayers and positive thoughts ❤

  3. Congratulations! I got a positive 5dpt too! Hope these embabies decide to stick around 🙂 It would be fun to have an internet pregnancy pal!

  4. glad you are home and feeling well. This all looks very promising and exciting. Keep us updated on your peeing.. hope the sticks get darker and darker and that everything will go on marvelously from now on! xx

    • Thanks love, will make sure to post new pictures of the pee sticks. I am still in complete and total denial, perhaps if the beta goes well I’ll be able to relax a tiny little bit. Sending you a little something later today and hopefully it gets there soon and brightens your spirits a bit 🙂

    • Thanks BB! I am completely in denial, hoping that the beta will go well and perhaps I will breathe a teeny sigh of relief. Really hoping that this cycle is your ticket out of this hellhole 🙂

  5. POSITIVE! Also, sometimes it doesn’t get darker at first as much as that it shows up quicker. So the fact that you got a faint line on the FRER in 5 minutes rather than 20+ means it’s increasing (I think). And those Wondfo’s are hella positive and getting darker!

    • Haa, sorry for passing my crazy onto you – I am addicted to the pee sticks, I think they give me some sliver of control over this situation that is completely out of my control. Hoping that you get two lines in a few days!

  6. I can see the lines too! And no, you are not crazy.It’s definitely a positive. Many, many ladies don’t have any symptoms till at least week 5, so I wouldn’t worry much about symptoms or the lack thereof. Sending happy, happy thoughts and prayers your way – fingers crossed for Thursday!

    • Haa, I might still be crazy, but at least I have my eyesight. I’m back in town (back at work tomorrow, ugh) but let me know what your schedule looks like and hopefully we can get together before you leave for Colorado!

      • Oh thank you, I’ll send you an email. Just saw the post from a little while ago today, and I didn’t even have to squint to see that line:-). And the denial, I know exactly how you feel! The fact that you got a decent positive 6dp5dt is often a good indicator for a strong beta. Fingers crossed, lots of beta juju coming your way!

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