First of all, thanks so much for all the amazing comments and outpouring of love.  I am still completely in denial that this could be happening for us, but you guys are so completely all in that it amazes me.

Here are the latest pictures from this morning.


photo 2-3_opt-3

And the wondfo’s (control line is on top)

photo 1-3_opt-3

So it definitely seems to be getting darker on the FRERs – wondfos look about the same but they always did with my testing out the triggers as well, so not expecting a ton of progression.

Still have no big symptoms, boobs are sore (but a bit less sore than yesterday), am super bloated and also super constipated (forgot what fun progesterone could do to the digestive system).

We’re still in denial, I somehow thought that seeing those first 2 lines and the 3 years of infertility hell would melt away a little bit and I could actually think of myself as pregnant.  But they haven’t, and I still can’t quite believe that this could be happening.  Maybe if we get a good beta on Thursday or the tests continue to darken I will be a step closer to believing it?  I just really, really hope that 1 or both of these embryos are continuing to grow and stick around for a nice long while.  Please little guys/gals/whatever pronoun you are, keep holding on in there!


19 thoughts on “6dp5dt

  1. Congrats! Sending positive vibes your way! Don’t worry if the tests don’t get much darker very quickly, it can take a while. And the sense of denial might also take a while to get over. But this is so exciting!!!

  2. So there’s this song we sang in daycare called “sticky bubblegum” and all it is is “Sticky sticky sticky sticky bubblegum, bubblegum, bubblegum, sticky sticky sticky sticky bubblegum and it sticks right to your….!” and then the kids yell a body part.

    I am not at all ashamed to admit that I am singing about your sticky embabeis in your uterus.

  3. Definitely getting darker. This is getting very exciting!! Don’t worry about being in denial, I think it’s normal. I’m sure a good beta and later on scan will get you properly excited. xx

  4. It’s crazy how you dream of the day you will see two pink lines, and then when you actually see them you can’t get past the thoughts of “is it really there?” and “is it dark enough?” and “WTF how did this happen?” (even though you know VERY WELL how it happened). It just takes a looooonnnnnggg time to sink in, after being programmed to accept the worst for so long. Praying for a darker line this morning!

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