The one where shit starts to get real… 8dp5dt

I apologize in advance for not posting the latest from the pee stick extravaganza yesterday – I know you were all waiting for the latest (joking).  I went back to work yesterday after working from Denver for a week and then being completely out for a week – for probably the first time ever I didn’t even check email during my ‘vacation’.  So the return back has been two very long days of waking up at 4:30 and working my PIO itchy ass off to get back into everything, and then coming home late.  That plus the hormones that must now be running through my system are making me want to crawl into bed the minute I get home.

I pulled together the courage this morning to try a digital- another something I’ve never done before, and amazingly – this happened!

photo 2-5_opt

And here are the latest FRERs:


It’s finally starting to sink in a bit for both of us that this could be it, but I am still not the naive person I used to be three years ago, and I know that a positive test does not equal a baby.  Like everything in this infertility shit show, there are new tests of body and spirit that continually have to be passed to make it to the next round.

Tomorrow is the beta – 8:30 am PST, from all of my peeing on sticks I think that I know how it is going to turn out, but there is still nervousness at the pit of my stomach.  I’m hoping time between the blood draw and the phone call passes as quickly as it possibly can and the little being or beings that have gotten us this far continue to flourish and grow.

Thanks again for the continued well wishes, support and love, I don’t know what I would have done without this community over the past year and right now.  I owe responses to all of your lovely comments and I’m hoping I get some free time during work the next couple of days to do them justice.  For now, goodnight and I will make sure to post the beta results, even if it’s a brief post!


17 thoughts on “The one where shit starts to get real… 8dp5dt

  1. That is so fabulously awesome!!! You know a funny thing I never got a positve digital test and I have two little miracles running around my house, so I see that as wonderfully great!! Wishing you a very short wait till you reach your positive beta!!! Lots of checkpoints to go but I’m sending you lots of positive thoughts to get through them with ease.

  2. Woohoo! I did check this blog a million or so times yesterday 🙂 Digital tests are the BEST. It’s easy to hem and haw over pink lines and not have it sink in, but seeing the word “pregnant” is pretty magical. You can’t argue with a digital test!

  3. You say (joking) all you want, but I checked my blogs yesterday and was like WHERE IS SHE?! WHERE IS MY PEE STICK?! I’m your creeper now.

    Also I think of TTC like dating sometimes. It’s a totally flawed analogy but I always went on first dates wondering if this was someone who was going to last in my life, wondering if I would always remember some little detail of *this* date because *this* one was special. And, well. I’ve only ever been on three *second* dates. And you think of all the stuff that has to happen, all the Big Things you have to agree on, and somehow I still managed to marry someone I went on a first date with. So of course I don’t go home from a first date making wedding plans, and you may not go paint a nursery right now, but a BFP is like a really really promising first date. Only with better odds! So yeah. It’s good to have good feelings about this. It’s a big deal, and I’m psyched for you.

  4. Hoping that you’ve got a strong beta and that they’ve already called to let you know what it is and you’re just gloating over it, which is why you haven’t posted. Fingers crossed for greatness!

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