They called

Beta is positive – but only 43 and they wanted it to at least be 50. Honestly I am fucking angry right now – haven’t we been through enough? Can’t this part just be a great number so I can breathe easily just for a second? Saturday is the next beta. Am now just so scared that this might be over before it even began.

Am texting from my phone so will try to update more when I get home. Would appreciate any positive stories of low betas on 9dp5dt that turned out with a happy ending 🙂


38 thoughts on “They called

  1. keep positive! mine was 14 at 9 days post 3 day transfer. , they said they wanted 50, next one was 42, still low, my betas were low the whole time! (usually boys are lower) we are 26 weeks with a boy. there is still hope! good luck!

    • Thanks, the pee stick today unfortunately is lighter than the one from day 13, so I’m just hoping that perhaps there were two in there at one point and now one is still going strong.

  2. I completely understand as my beta was 47 at 12dp5dt. Beta #2 is tomorrow for me. Hang in there. I’d say a beta of 42 at 9dp is actually good! Everyone keeps telling me it just needs to keep doubling. Will say a prayer for your little bean to stick.

  3. I have a friend that I met online. Her beta was only 34 on 14dp2dt (equivalent 11dp5dt), but it kept doubling and now she’s 20 weeks pregnant. Yes, you want a higher number, but no, you are not out yet. Sending you lots of positive thoughts right now.

  4. You are by no means out yet! Keep the faith and we’re all here to continue praying/sending energy your way! My friend just had a baby and hers started out a lot lower than that.

  5. I really wish the number was higher to give you reassurance hon, but I think 43 is still okay. I’m not sure why the say 50. Praying the number doubles by Saturday. Hugs hon. Hang in there!

  6. I know it’s disappointing with a number in the 40s, but you’re really not out yet – I am hoping and praying that the number will more than double in two days. ❤

  7. I did iui (much more common on this side of the world) and my hcg was too low at 15 days post ovulation but doubled like a champ after that. 15 weeks and counting now…

  8. I’m kind of pissed they told you they wanted it to be 50. They could have left it at 43. You were going to have to test in Saturday if you were at 50 or 100 or 28 or 43. Anyway, I like to place blame on others and point fingers. Makes me feel better so I am doing such things on your behalf. Also I don’t like my people being fucked with and having them be angry. Got your back no matter what happens. Xoxo.

  9. I have been around for a while and I’ve seen quite a few ladies have healthy pregnancies with much lower betas. I hope the next beta will be more reassuring. Thinking of you! xx

    • Thanks my dear, I hope it will be too, I think I just know way too much and now have so much fear that this will be over before it even got started. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better.

  10. Honestly, you are 14 dpo with a beta of 43… honey, this is far from over for you! If you were a few more days out I would be more concerned but sincerely I still have alot of hope for you as I have seen heaps and heaps (no joke!) of women with similar numbers on day 14. Will be crossing everything and hoping beta #2 will bring you peace of mind!!

  11. I’ve been blogging the last 18 months and I have definitely seen lower and similar betas turn into healthy pregnancies. I really hope the beta on Saturday doubles. Thinking of you xxx

    • Thanks BB – I’m thinking of you too. Hope to hell that your monitoring appointment was over the moon fucking fantastic this morning, that would definitely make my day brighter while waiting for tomorrow.

  12. I, too, have heard that frozen transfers have lower betas at first. I remembered seeing this, so I dug up these numbers I’d seen on a forum from a lady who is doing DE with a GC. The first beta was 8dp6dt. The GC is pregnant with a singleton.

    Beta 1 – 38 (7/23)
    Beta 2- 102 (7/25)
    Beta 3 – 310 (7/28)
    Beta 4 – 671 (7/31)

    I hope you are still taking pee sticks and watching the FRERs get darker. You have two normal embryos in you, and I’m believing this is way far from over.

    • Thank you so much for digging this up for me! Unfortunately the pee stick from today was lighter than the one on the day before the beta, so I’m a little disheartened by seeing that this morning (will post soon). My new hope is that maybe both stuck for a little while and there is one left that is still trying to go strong in there.

    • Yep – I guess they figure by then they have enough to know if you are even a ‘little pregnant’. Sending happy thoughts your way too, hoping that you are continuing to see lines!

  13. My first beta was 39 at 12-13dpo and 74 two days later, and I now have a ten-month old. (This was my fifth pregnancy after three miscarriages, a chemical pregnancy, a failed egg retrieval at CCRM (two eggs, both aneuploid) and two egg retrievals at Weill that we hadn’t tested.) In my previous pregnancy, which ended in a miscarriage, my first beta was over 1000. Honestly, the number itself really doesn’t matter, as long as it’s non-zero. Your number of 43 is absolutely respectable. Do not lose hope!!!

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