Because I can’t help myself

I peed in another cup when I got home from work today.  I knew that it was not a good idea for my mental state, but wanted to see if there was any hint of darkening.  And this tactic (which I thought was sure to make me freak out more) has actually helped.  The line is much darker now, about 12 hours later than this morning, and with only a hold of a few hours.  I realize that it’s a stupid pee stick and has zero scientific relevance, but it is making me feel a little better going into tomorrow.

Here’s the picture – one from 5 am this morning on the bottom, and around 4:30 pm on the top.



21 thoughts on “Because I can’t help myself

  1. if nothing else it will help you sleep tonight… it is much darker, no question…
    I know I said gazing at pee sticks is futile, however, they can serve many purposes…
    this one can be a sleeping pill 🙂
    stay strong!

  2. I did the same (multiple tests to save my sanity) but was told not to freak out if tests got lighter since they are very sensitive to the concentration of urine… This one looks way darker, so good news!!!
    After my second beta everything picked up (hcg started doubling, scans always showed what should be there, morning sickness hit me like a bus in week 8) but it really took my belly growing (week 15) to start getting excited and stop panicking. Every little tiny thing (huge cramps –> normal apparently; spotting –> normal; being less sick after week 6 –> normal but then after 2 weeks the real morning sickness came and made me think the worse; not putting on any weight after 12 weeks –> normal; not feeling pregnant –> normal). I still freak out regularly and have trouble thinking that it will all work out –> normal.
    So enjoy!!! But don’t beat yourself up if your brain plays tricks on you…
    I’m sending you every positive vibe I can get my hands on.

    • Thank you for telling me all of this, I think it will preemptively help when I have my next freak out – which could be the cramps, I am having some crazy cramping right now. And thanks a ton for the positive vibes, I totally think that they helped!

    • Thanks, so good to hear from you. Nacho is so beautiful, a million congratulations! Can’t wait to hear all about the latest when you have some free time (which might be years from now).

  3. My beta at 18 dpo (triggered and poorly timed TI) was 31. The 2 is old is currently running around with a bowl on her head pretending she’s a princess.

  4. Yesssss. Faint freak FRERs seem more common than they should be. I’ve seen it happen on another blog. I was hoping this was the case for you.

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