Quick update

This will be in bulleted format as I’m short on time.  Some very big things have happened at my work, they are all good and filled with tons of opportunity (with potential big life and career changes) but they have taken over everything other than sleeping for a little while.  This has been the happiest and yet strangest two weeks I think I have ever been through.  I mean really universe, you couldn’t have just spaced things out a little bit?  I’m not at all complaining, but it is a crazy amount of things going on.  I guess the upside is that it’s making the wait between now and my first ultrasound go by fairly quickly.

  • I have successfully broken up with crappy Seattle clinic and am starting at new and hopefully way better monitoring clinic on Monday.  Yay!
  • Crappy old clinic never ran my progesterone or estrogen as asked with my first beta.  So I had to go back there one last time to get that blood drawn.  Estrogen came back fine at 328, but Progesterone was a tiny bit low at 14 (they want it at 20).  So they have upped my PIO to ever day instead of every other day.  The hubs and I were joking the day before about how lucky we felt that we only had to do every other day of the PIO, I guess that was tempting fate as now my ass will be poked every morning from here on out.  I have another blood test on Monday to see if it’s in the range they want it to be.
  • Ultrasound (holy shit, ultrasound) is scheduled for October 6th.  I will be 6 weeks 5 days, I think, I don’t totally know if I’m counting this stuff right, I never actually researched how any of this whole pregnancy stuff actually works so I have zero expertise in this area, although I feel like I could teach a class on IVF.
  • I am going away this weekend for a wedding shower for a dear friend.  She is getting married in Italy and our plan was to go if this round failed and to stay here if it worked.  Since so far it is working (please little Olive Martini keep growing in there so we can continue to not go to Italy, I promise we will all go when you’re a little older) I am looking forward to getting some time to celebrate her and enjoy a relaxing weekend.
  • I have never felt so happy to feel crappy – current symptoms are sore boobs, a constant ‘hungover’ type feeling, fatigue, and strong sense of smell at times.

That’s it for now, still need to accept my award (so honored!) and get to that post on PIO and Vivelle tips, hopefully this weekend after I get back.  Sending hope and love to Barren Betty who just got 6 eggs (fuck yeah!!) and is cruelly having to wait through the weekend for a fert report, Kiftsgate who just transferred a lovely 6 day blast and is totally PUPO and my good friend Failing Baby Maker who is also PUPO with 2 fabulous little embies.  You ladies have all my love and hope and any magic juju that I can conjure up!


12 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. I too am hoping you’ll be staying out and far away from Italy too!! Keeping everything crossed for you and little Olive Martini that all is perfect at your ultrasound! Congratulations on your opportunity at work!

    Failing Baby Maker – I’m so happy to hear this news! I hadn’t see an update from you in a while. Keeping everything crossed for you too! ❤️

  2. Awesome that things are going well. Great that you broke up with that clinic, they sounded dodgy as all hell. Funny about how you said you felt hungover, I didn’t know anything about pregnancy either the first time around and my sister asked how I was feeling and I said ‘hungover’ as well, she said that’s morning sickness and I was ‘oooohhhh’!!!

    • Haa, super satisfying, the other place is ridiculously more expensive, but oh well, at this point I’ve paid so much money what’s a little more? Hope all is well with you and your little one!

  3. If only the universe responded to our requests to space things out a little bit! Counting down the days to your ultrasound and the moment you see Olive Martini snuggled inside your womb looking like a perfect fuzzy blob on the monitor.

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